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Cold Fusion (2010)

“Don’t mess with a woman that knows her way around the kitchen!”

This is the type of movie you sit down with and expect nothing good coming out of it… you watch it because you’re bored and need to fill up 90 minutes so time can pass. It was actually even worse than I imagined it would be but some eyecandy (Sarah Brown and Michelle Lee) saved it from being to boring to finish. Obviously not a movie you watch more than once (if even that).

I had to laugh a little of the flying scenes as the planes and choppers seemed to go against the rules of physics in this movie. The hunt for the flying freesbie (UFO) was just rediculous.. all in all, a pretty terrible movie choice.

..I rate this movie 2/10 stars..

Note : This movie is so bad they even had to fake the trailer out with clips from other movies to make it look cool.


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