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A Good Man (2014)

0064_Orca_DVD_sleeve.inddBeen a while since I watched a movie with Steven Seagal so I thought I’d give his new movie, A good man, a chance… tho I’ve come to expect a movie with the eastern europe atmosphere as the old 90’s heroes seem to have moved there the last decade (I guess it’s cheaper to produce movies there)… but does that mean that every movie has to be so mediocre… less than even…

They managed to get Tzi Ma play the villain in this one. Not a person I’d think of in a movie like this so that was kind of cool actually. The story is sorta, look at me I’m badass and I’ll kick your ass in a flash type of thing going… Some cool fight sequences that’s true but other than that or the fact you’re a Seagal fan I wouldn’t really rush to see this one. I’m still living in the hope of seeing more movies like Exit Wounds or Half past dead… I don’t think I’ll ever get the pleasure of another quality movie from Mr. Seagal… tho I’ll still be hoping for it.

Another familiar face in this is Victor Webster (Mutant X, Continuum). He gets to kick some butt in this one. I can’t say I remember much from Mutant X other than I liked it (blame it on V.Pratt)… He’s a decent cast dude… but overall I’m not all that impressed with the script and characters in this movie. If it weren’t for some action I’d be sleeping before getting half way into the movie.

Director Keoni Waxman has done a lot of movies with Seagal lately, and the series True Justice (which I never bothered watching beyond the pilot… guess I’m a lousy fan or have a limit when it comes to bad entertainment… same thing I guess).

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

Transcendence (2014)


Actually been looking forward to this flick as it’s been a while since I watched a movie in the drama sci-fi genre (usually it’s action). The movie has a pretty nifty cast and awesome effects. I liked seeing Kate Mara again as I felt robbed of her in House of Cards’s 2nd season. I also enjoyed the thought provoking story of the movie. Personally I think as long as an AI is programmed by mankind it will always be flawed as we humans tend to corrupt our creations either we want to or not, it’s just who we are. I bet most people where routing for the Hacker/goverment side of this story (see, there I go being judgemental again as I have no faith in humans logic and reasoning skills in the rest the the world (which to me is everyone outside my 4 walls)). I knew I’d end up digressing while writing this review as I can see the for and againt sides of this tech from previous movies made. It’s SkyNet (Terminator) all over again right ? I don’t think so but at the same time what would happen to overpopulation and such if we had the tech to heal every sick person, revive every dead even tho we also had the tech to repair earth and have tech to replenish food… then again we’d probably also have the tech to leave earth so basically maybe there would be more plus sides than not… then again, Humans, tech – want – war – greed – death – stupid. Maybe we’re better off living in the stone age.

Oh my, I’d be digressing for ages if I don’t stop myself. I have to watch a movie when it’s sci-fi and it also help seeing Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman on the cast list. That being said I’ve actually grown fond of Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany and Clifton Collins Jr. over the years as well so it’s an added bonus seeing all these men in this flick.

Since this is a drama and all I’d usually put it on the no rewatchable list but like most movies in the drama sci-fi genre, this movie don’t apply to that fact. It has a great story, it made me smile on more than one occation (Imagining being rich for the first time and buying a whole town… such possibilities… my own bunker)… and again, the effects, the cast… cool stuff.

This is the first movie Wally Pfister directed but he’s worked with cinematography on movies like Inception (2010), The Batman Trilogy, The Prestige (2006) and Memento (2000). A very respectful resume the fellow has, I’d watch more movies directed by him in the future.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

The Expendables 3 (2014)

The Expendables 3

I was a bit worried there for a while during the movie that this was gonna be a letdown with only the new faces… then we got to the last quarter and they all kicked arse and I ended up loving it. A lot of nifty hardhitting action scenes in this movie. I’ve never even heard the name Ronda Rousey (Luna) before and she sure as hell made me raise my eyebrow on more than one occation in the movie. I was getting worried ’cause I didn’t really find that intro discoteque scene where you get to meet her all that impressive… but man can that woman kick ass.

Antonio Banderas made me laugh throughout the movie even tho he was the “annoying” character… that rarely happens. Cheerful and giddy for action, gave me Assassins flashbacks. I was also pleased to see Wesley Snipes back in a high quality action movie… Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Kelsey Grammer also made a nice addition to the cast. Don’t think I ever watched a movie of this type with so many A-list dudes.

This was supposed to be the last movie in the series but I can see there is rumors of a 4th. I don’t mind, this is the mindless popcorn action flicks I enjoy watching… well, I don’t do popcorn anymore but the movies sure has a high rewatchability factor, that’s for sure. I’d watch this again at some point given the time and chance.

I haven’t seen anything else by Patrick Hughes who directed this but I can see on his resume his making an american version of the awesome movie The Raid which makes me dislike him a bit. I simply don’t waste my time on remakes. I rather watch sequels than waste myself watching stories getting retold. Dredd was ok and already sort of similar so why bother with another even… *sigh*

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

The Next Three Days (2010)


One of the better thrillers to come out in the last 5 years. This is the 2nd time around I watch it and I seem to have forgotten the ending since the last time so bless my bad memory I guess… That being said tho, I still wish it ended differently in the case against her to be honest (without giving anything away). Not that the ending was disappointing or anything… It’s just me, I don’t like lose ends.

The Next three days has a pretty cool cast. First off I’m a fan of Russell Crowe, 2nd I’m a fan of Elizabeth Banks tho I didn’t really like her character much in this movie… sorta annoying actually. Then there’s Olivia Wilde whome is gorgeous but comes of a bit judgy yet understanding in this one (thinking about that scene where she sees her when they leave the Zoo). I’ve always liked Brian Dennehy who plays Russell’s dad, and he’s very likeable in this one as well. Also a nice cameo of Liam Neeson which was cool.

Weirdly enough, this movie isn’t even categorized as a thriller at, but a crime romance drama. Like WTF imdb… this is a thriller, nuff said. Idjits ! You can watch it two three times if you give it time or have my lousy memory… but I’m pretty sure this was the last time I’ll ever see it. Enjoyed it just as much as the first time around tho as I agree with my own rating from the previous time.

Director Paul Haggis previously did In the Valley of Elah (2007) which I really liked. He also did Crash (2004) which was kinda twisted. Paul did direct a few things but he’s written way more. He wrote Quantum of Solace (2008) and had screenplay on Casino Royale (2006).

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Category 7: The end of the World (2005)


So, I can’t watch one without the other so today I went for Category 7. It’s not as good as the first but this one has something the other one doesn’t… Gina Gershon and Shannen Doherty. Love those two girls… Likeable characters too. That being said, this movie sequel has a lot more annoying characters and not enough karma. The biggest douche of the movie survived and got almost a happy ending even (like i’m gonna forgive him because he hurt his leg….right).

Of course since the movie went with a end of the world theme they had to add a religious element to the movie. What a waste of movie time that was… tho seeing James Brolin as a preaching fellow for a megachurch was kind of a goof. The throw in the gorgeous Lindy Booth playing an annoyingly stupid reporter with a big heart and poof you get the only reason you could forgive the storyline. I guess they felt the reporter of this movie needed another kind of focus point so it didn’t feel to similar to the previous flick… personally I’d go for the similar over this but hey that’s me…

The only thing the two movies have in common really is the mention of Chicago and Randy Quaid. I love that Randy is back in this and teamed up with Shannen. It’s actually the thing I like the most about this movie besides the storm and tornado visuals. Now I’ve read a lot of crap getting thrown at these two movies from people picking it apart cause of facts and yada yadas.. it must be boring being a person finding flaws in movies like that instead of just enjoying it. I’m sure you can nitpick any movie ever made… i don’t really chose to do so… well, i can complain about the cuntiness of characters but that’s movie related ain’t it ? See, there I go digressing yet again… I love disaster movies, i get annoyed when people talk smack about them. Sure, this are far from a perferct movie but it’s the 2nd or 3rd time I watch it and i enjoy it every time. Same director as the previous movie, Dick Lowry.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..


Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004)


You know how I feel about disaster movies by now If you’ve read my blog for a while… This is one of my favorite in the tv-movie genre (and I love that there is three of these, Cat 6, 7 and 8). The effects is actually not all that bad either… in fact it’s way above average for a movie like this. I’m sure the americans has tons of video reels from tornado and hurrican ridden towns they can use which makes it a bit more believeable than the uber low budget movies where it looks more like the aftermath of a 5 year old’s birthday party than a storm. Not this one tho…

I also like that most of the annoying characters (the ones I find annoying, and it’s a lot as I seem to hate people in general) meets karma in this movie. My favorite characters in the movie is Tornado Tommy (Randy Quaid) and Andy (Brian Dennehy). There’s also a few other familiar faces.. like Dianne Wiest and Thomas Gibson.

If I remember correctly this movie continues into Category 7 which I have queued for later… These two are movies I watch every leap year while waiting for even more disaster movies to queue up in my favorite genre… so yes, to me these bad boys score high on rewatchability.

Director Dick Lowry has directed tons of tv-movies. Among those the sequel to this (Category 7) and The Gambler II (1983), Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 (1983) and Attila (2001).

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..

Forrest Gump (1994)


I don’t think there is a better constructed movie ever made than this. I like all those small subtle incidents taken from real life events up throughout the movie, they always make me smile… and I still wonder how they manage to make it look like Lt. Dan (Gary Sinise) has no legs. Oh, the wonders of movie technology.

Forrest Gump has undoubtedly one of the best movie soundtracks in the history of soundtracks. I remember buying the CD after watching the movie back when it came out. It was a must have… This movie isn’t haha funny but you sure can’t help but smile every other 5 minute ’cause a more likeable character is hard to find. Tom Hanks is great in this one…

Normally a movie builds up toward one moment of bawling your eyes out with tears.. this one however seem to get one moment, then another and another and another in the last 20 minutes of the movie starting with the point where he realize he’s a dad and at the same time worrying about if he’s like him… Now there’s a feeling I can relate to as I’d never want kids because I am how I am… after that it’s the wedding, lt.Dan’s new legs, another death, the speech at the grave… man it never stopped coming…

I always had this vision of someday find someone like Jenny ( Robin Wright) myself one day… I kind of did too so it’s sorta easy to relate to their relationship… the difference being them ending up together whilest I still long for it tho know it’s never gonna happend as 1.) she found her mate and even if the case was that wouldn’t last 2.) I’m not a person one wants to hang around for more than an hour… anyway, my point being I think of her often and can relate to Forrest’s feeling… and there I go digressing again. Movies, they are my world and for this I am thankful. Forrest Gump is one of the better ones and I could watch it every leap year.

Director, Robert Zemeckis, previously did the Back to the future trilogy (liked that one). He also did Death becomes her (1992), Contact (1997), Cast Away (2000) and Beowulf (2007). Quite an impressive resume of movies this fellow has…

..I rate this movie 10/10 stars..


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