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Trouble with the Curve (2012)


So… I keep putting new Eastwood movies off and everytime I watch’em I am really enjoying myself. It’s just something about movies with the baseball atmosphere. I should just dedicate a weekend to baseball movies ’cause there are so many good ones. Trouble with the curve has such a great cast too and some pretty cool cameos. The story itself isn’t really anything new but I still love the personas in this one. Eastwood fits the character so well with the dark grumpy yet intelligent persona and Adams the troubled smart and delightful daughter. I’ve always liked Justin Timberlake, as an artist in music and as an actor. Lillard is a good cast as the douchy scout manager (seems like he keeps getting those type parts).

The movie is kinda predictable when it comes to the pitcher tho… but that’s such a small part that I didn’t think much of it. I just love movies with good and bad karma involved :) This movie gave me the same feelgood feeling Gran Torino did (tho not quite as good but I enjoyed it).

This might be Robert Lorenz first credit as a director but he also worked on Million Dollar Baby (2004), Blood Work (2002) and Gran Torino (2008). In fact I’m pretty sure he’s had a hand in every Eastwood movie since Blood work.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..


Getaway (2013)


Not really sure why I took my time to watch this movie. It’s basically fetish porn for car enthusiasts and crash addicts. Not really a very engaging story tho it kind of has an impressive overall casting with Jon Voight, Bruce Payne, Ethan Hawke and even a cameo from Paul Freeman (Indiana Jones : Raiders of the Lost Ark). I kind of liked Selena Gomez but the story wasn’t all that. Some cool car chase scenes tho, I’ll give it that. Personally tho, I look forward to Need for Speed… this one I’ll forget pretty fast.

Director Courtney Solomon previously did Dungeons & Dragons (2000) which was kinda cool. I’m also planning to see the new Van Damme movie Enemies Closer (2013) which he has a producer credit (let’s hope it’s better than Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning which was utter crap and i turned off after less then 20 minutes and never finished, yep he had a hand in that as well). Anyway…

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

(I really feel like I’m being kind with this rating).

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (2014)

Mega_Shark_Versus_Mecha_SharkI’m not the one to complain when a new shark movie shows up on my Netflix frontpage. In fact I love these low budget exaggerated movies where sharks jumps up 10,000 feet in the air to take out planes or om nom nom subs like they were made of flesh. It’s freakin hillarious. Personally I think Michael Bay should go remake these movies instead of pissing of fans going for Ninja Turtles. I doubt he could ruin these movies… just sayin’.

It took me a few seconds to recognize Christopher Judge (Teal’c in Stargate). When it came to acting he was pretty much the only good thing about the movie if you take the shark parts out of it. Some stuff they could have dropped, like the kid backstory (as she seemed about as affected by that incident as someone passing gas in another country). I love how the female protagonist was sad for 2 1/2 second then the next it’s like those 2 seconds never happened (made me laugh).

I couldn’t quite place Elisabeth Röhm but I remember seeing those eyes somewhere before and it turns out she’s been in American Hustle, the tv-series Angel, Beauty and the best and Heroes so I guess my movie/tv-memory is fading a bit faster than I’d like. I was surprised to find out that the person I classified as the eye candy of the movie was Deborah Gibson (Debbie Gibson), a singer from the 80′s (she’s like 3 years older than me and still looks like she’s 15 years younger than me *jealous*). I love those none expected cameos in movies.

This isn’t a movie I’d watch again but I sure loved that they spoofed scenes from previously made movies in this genre. It has humor, bad acting, an annoying kid, journalist snafu and shark subs… what’s not to like for 90 minutes. I sure was smiling there for most of the movie.

Director Emile Edwin Smith hasn’t directed anything special before but he’s worked on visual effects on Sharknado (2013) and Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014). He’s also worked on Buffy (1997), Firefly (2002-2003), Battlestar Galactica (2003) and Century City (2004) to mention a few.

..I rate this movie 3/10 stars..

(I might give poor rating due to acting and poor story but I still love movies like this)

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)


I’ve heard friends talk about this movie for years but never really given it a second thought ’cause I never really prioritize watching movies in the horror genre as I’m a puny scared soul that jumps just from the smallest sound sitting alone in my room at night. I first thought I’d give it a go when I heard it was written produced by Joss Whedon (Buffy,Angel,Dollhouse and Firefly).

I knew I’d like the movie already within the first minutes of it when I saw Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman in West Wing), he’s such a great actor and ozes charisma. Teamed up with Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) and Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse and Person of Interest) we were already off to a pretty awesome start.

I must admit I was crushing on Kristen Connolly as Dana, it might be the character but I’m pretty sure the red hair helped me swooning (ok, so I got a weakness for redheads). The scene truth or dare scene with the mounted wolf was kinda hot thanks to Anna Hutchison, now where the f’ did they find her? (Ah, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, she played Laeta).

Overall I must say that I was very positively surprised by this movie even tho I’ve only heard good things. Awesome creatures, scary zombies, the comedy, the soundtrack and the atmosphere was just perfect. To me this was the funniest horror comedy since Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010).

The director of this movie, Drew Goddard, has previously worked on the tv-series Alias and Lost. He’s also credited for directing the pilot of the upcoming tv-serie Daredevil (squedualed for 2015).

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

The Big Wedding (2013)


Hadn’t heard of this one before then noticed Katherine Heigl being in it so I just had to see it… Insanely impressive cast in this flick with De Niro, Sarandon, Keaton, Williams and then some. I pretty much knew I was up for a great piece of entertainment just from the cast. I mean how can you possibly fuck up a movie with a cast like this, it’s people that would make the phonebook sound interesting.

I’ll always swoon throughout a movie when Kat is in it so just that alone was reason for me to enjoy it… but there are so many other reasons to as well even tho it’s kinda over the top at times. Madonna (Patricia Rae) cracked me up, kinda… and then there was Nuria (Ana Ayora) the dreamy sister that has no inhibitions from doing whatever. I found the relationship between her and Jared somewhat weird and offputting tho but come to think of it… it’s not like they were related by blood but still. Robin Williams made for a great priest and I loved the confessional.

It’s not a movie I watch over and over but I’m pretty sure that if it ever popped up on the telly when i was visiting family I’d end up watching it anyway ’cause it’s got some charm to it.

Director Justin Zackham previously wrote and produced The bucket list (2007) and he wrote the screenplay of One Chance (2013).

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

A Haunted House (2013)


Uhmm, probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I have no clue what to even write after watching this. Oh well, the only thing I liked about this movie was the song that started playing with the end credits finally came along. It’s safe to say I won’t be wasting any time on the sequel (I’m kind of baffled that it even has a sequel). I’m also pretty proud that I managed to watch the whole movie without clicking it away (Netflix)… at least now I can justifyibly rate it as I’ve seen the whole thing.

After watching this I’ll also never bother with the Paranormal movies so I guess something good came out of this. Spending 90 minutes to save myself from spending x minutes on more movies like it. Hopefully Netflix won’t put movies like this on my top 10 recommended for me list again… ever…

Director Michael Tiddes hasn’t really done anything else tho has the sequel on the way. I think I’ll write this name down as a stay clear off for the future (I need write it down as my memory is horrible).

..I rate this movie 1/10 stars..

The Family (2013)


This is one of those movies that drew me in with the trailer.. tho I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t seen the trailer I’d still watch it because of its cast or because Luc Besson made it as he’s never disappointed me in the past. Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones should do a movie together at least once every other year ’cause they we’re both great together in this one and I’d love to see that happen again. I really enjoyed the personalities of the characters in this movie, especially the daughter (Dianna Agron). Watching her beat that dude with a tennisracket made me smile… ok so I like people getting what’s coming to ‘em. The son (John D’Leo) was pretty cool too, in fact the whole family and the situations that emerged just made me enjoy the flick even more. The bbq mind incident just about made me giggle…

The family has a nice build up and even some predictability (I’d love to see a sequel where a certain math geek gets what’s coming tho.. just sayin’, shouldn’t spoil to much as it’s kind of predictable). Hell, I’d love a sequel nonetheless…

I already mentioned that this was made by Luc Besson, one of my favorite directors of all time. I just got excited by watching the trailer of his upcoming Lucy (2014) the other day. Now, I just checked and found that there are 3 more Transporter movies on their way… Woohoo !!! That and it seems like Liam Neeson is getting into trouble again cause Taken 3 is on the way… Didn’t the villains learn anything from the two first movies ??? He’s gonna end up nuking Albania (or maybe villains finally come from somewhere else)… Oh well…. back to rating…

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

My best friend’s girl (2008)


I totally fell in love with this movie the first time around and ordered it on dvd the same day. Now however I kind of find Jason Biggs‘s character Dustin to be kind of annoying. A bit to much… like me, kinda… well, like me but with a job. My favorite part of the movie is the sequence where Johnny Cash is playing and you know something’s about to happen (that’s pretty much the spoiler of my review).

I’m a fan of Dane Cook the stand-upper so I knew I would like him when I saw he started doing movies… and this is pretty much my favorite with him. When it comes to Kate Hudson, I think she’s a great actress like her mom. I just about love her and hate her in every movie depending on her character (a lot of annoying characters lately tho). It’s kinda weird but I can swear I remembered Lizzy Caplan‘s part being bigger… *sigh* oh well… I kind of love Hilary (Riki Lindhome) in this movie, that Christian girl. That would be my choice if I got do date a character. I imagine some hefty discussions so it wouldn’t be boring that’s for sure :) Ooo oo and Alec Baldwin is great in the part as the dad, he cracks me up everytime.

My best friend’s girl has a pretty cool soundtrack overall… I’ll probably be checking spotify after finishing my reviewing thingie to starr some songs (tho I fear it’s to old to find there as Spotify came long after 2008 as far as i know).

Director Howard Deutch previously did The Whole Ten Yards  (2004) which I love and Pretty in Pink (1986), ooo and not to forget Grumpier old men (1995) which is awesome. He’s also done some episodes on True Blood.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Rambo (2008)


There are some places in the world I wouldn’t go, hell I wouldn’t go anywhere as I’ve got travel anxiety… and then some. It’s not that I don’t think the people of exotic countries are nice. The thing is, the ones running shit might not be… so if you wanna go places, don’t be naive or ignorant. It may cost you your life (ok so I’m a bit overly paranoid). Just to give an example, this girl from my country went to the middle east, got raped, spoke up about it, got arrested because of sex before marriage. Know the culture before going somewhere. Doing the right thing might get you in trouble some places, just sayin…

See, I can’t write a review without digressing from the movie when things annoy me. The worst thing is that I got more annoyed with the missionaries than with the scum soldiers… because I knew the soldiers eventually got to meet John Rambo whilest the missionaries might not even get to live to regret not listening to the protagonist in the first place whilest the good christians expect everything to be alright if they show up everywhere. It used to be believe in God or loose your head back in the day when the church wanted you to abandon your faith in the Norse mythology with Odin and Thor. I guess they got civilized after 900+ years of christianity but they are still bigots… hell, don’t even get me started on the subject… I always have this thought bubble where I shake my head when I see Christians sit on their high horse and spew opinions out on the masses.. That being said faith and hope are good and all, but some people… oh my, i digress again…

This Rambo movie is by far the most violent (understatement of the year) of them all. Heads and limbs flying through the air. Some scenes is actually cringeworthy… but that’s war I guess. It’s no walk in the park (I’d never make it as a soldier that’s for sure… I’ve tried as I had to). Didn’t remember Tim Kang (Cho from the Mentalist) being in it until I watched it this 3rd time. Matthew Marsden (School boy, the sniper) was kind of a cool character. Been a fan of Julie Benz since Buffy so her being in a movie is always a plus. She’s good at doing those naive but adorable characters (well, she’s good in authoritan roles as well Defiance/Boondock Saint’s 2 to mention 2). And I never grow tired of watching Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo… just bring on the next movies in the series. I don’t care if he’s doin them till this 120 years old. Such a good character.

Director and actor, Sylvester Stallone, has many things going at the moment. The Expendables 3 is in the works and number 4 on the way after that. He’s also doing Creed (guess that’s gonna be a part of the Rocky saga). He just finished Reach Me (2014) so that’s yet another one to put on my list of must sees. Not to forget Grudge Match (2013) which I haven’t gotten to just yet.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

The kids are all right (2010)


Been wanting to watch this movie for some years now but never got around to it… until today, when it popped up on my Netflix front page. It has a pretty nifty cast… Mark Ruffalo seems to pop up in a lot of the stuff I’ve watched the last year, like him even tho it’s no Hulk smash in this one. The movie tho has kind of a lot of those awkward scenes and I actually had to fast forward passed Anette’s song at the dinner ’cause scenes like that is to much for me. There are some cringeworthy awkwardness but it’s still a beautiful movie. Ooo and Julianne Moore is in it which probably is 90% of the reason for me even considering it the first time around.

Ah, and I guess I don’t have to say that Josh Hutcherson is in it. Hunger games fans probably was all over this movie the second it hit the screen :) He’s a good actor I think. Like Mark he seems to be in a lot of movies lately. It’s not a movie I’d watch over and over but I’m glad I’ve seen it. It has quite a few moments and is kind of unpredictable in some ways yet some things one can see coming a mile away (see there I go cryptic again doing my best to avoid spoilers). Oh, and how can I not have noticed Mia Wasikowska (Joni) before. She was in Alice in Wonderland… guess my memory is as bad as I thought (not that I remember that movie at all).

I was trying to figure out where I’ve seen Yaya Alafia (Tanya) before but nah even after looking at I’m drawing a complete blank. She must look like someone else… liked her tho.  Never heard of the director, Lisa Cholodenko before but I pictured her making at least one episode on The L Word cause this movie was well put together and that was a good show within the same type scenario so.. (don’t like to presume but I was right). She’s previously done movie like Laurel Canyon  (2002) and Cavedweller  (2004).

..I rated this movie 6/10 stars..

Miss Congeniality 2 (2005)


This might be a bad bad movie but I still like it. It has Sandra Bullock, which in most cases is enough for me to be swooning throughout a movie. I also like the chemistry she has with Regina King whome I find quite believeable in those policing roles, especially after Southland. I’ve kind of gotten used to Treat Williams as the good guy recently after Everwood, but he fits the douchy characters as well… a man with many faces. Not the biggest fan of Diedrich Bader‘s part in the movie tbh… tho he does have his moments.

I can’t really find much to say about this flick other than I’m a sucker for Sandra’s snorting, adorability and clumsyness in her character. It seems like this is a movie I watch about every 5 years however bad it is (tho when I say bad… it’s not like it’s horrible, I guess I’ve seen to many good movies lately).

Director John Pasquin works on the brilliant tv-show Last Man Standing (2011-2014). He’s been doing mostly television since 1980 but he did do Santa Clause (1994).

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..


Rumor has it (2005)


Sometimes when I check after watching a movie I ponder what the hell people are thinking, then of course I remember that we are all different and that’s what makes the world exciting and all that… but, a 5,5/10….? what ? This movie has me bawling my eyes out like a teenage girl… it has ups and downs and some fun parts even. A 5,5 ? man I give that to movies as a thank you for the entertainment but meh it was a nice timefiller.

Jennifer Aniston, I love her. Everytime I see her I just feel like giving her a hug… she’s got such kind eyes. Rumor has it has a pretty nifty cast with Mark Ruffalo, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine and Richard Jenkins just to mention a few. I love Shirley’s character in this one, she’s such a charismatic woman in any movie. I can’t really realate to any character in the movie tho… well, kind of maybe but when it comes to relationships I’ll always stand on the outside looking in. I got all the shitty genes so I know I’m not adopted to put it that way. Yep, movies that makes one feel something are good movies to me and I can appreaciate being a loner ’cause crying infront of friends or family is not something I ever feel like doing so this was a nice movie to watch alone :)

I’ve seen this once before but it took me a while to come to the conflusion so it kinda felt like the first time… again. Ah, it’s a Rob Reiner movie. The man behind The Princess Bride (1987), When Harry met Sally (1989), Misery (1990) and A few good men (1992) just to mention a few.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Croods (2013)


Dun-dun-duuuuh … ! Two animated movies in a short amount of time, so unlike me… and here I thought Frozen would stand alone on top for a while but Croods was actually even better. Way to go Dreamworks :)

There are so many aspects that makes this an entertaining movie; the creatures, the Croods behaviour, the gorgeous visuals and landscapes… I especially love the little girl that runs around like a wild rabid creature and the old grandma that Grug keeps wishing to perish but keeps getting disappointed. Croods has many many good moments, in fact the only bad thing about the movie was that it ended… oh, and I loved Belt :)

… at the end after the end credits there are a few seconds where that elephantmice plays their snouts as trumpets. Like 5 seconds but it was still fun to watch as I barely ever do sit through credits (I happend to read about the fact on so I waited it out to see).

1 very familiar voice on this movie, Grug that has Nicholas Cage as a voice actor (he should do that more often, he seems like a good fit to voice acting on animated movies). Two more familiar names are Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds whome did Eep and Guy.

There are 2 directors on this movie; Kirk De Micco whome did Space Chimps (2008) and he was a producer on the documentary HALO: Freefall Warriors (2003).  Chris Sanders whome did How to train your dragon (2010), one of my all time favorite animated movies and Lilo & Stitch  (2002). They are both working on a sequel to Croods which is estimated to premiere in 2017 according to

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Frozen (2013)

Frozen 2013

Been following the fandom of this movie on tumblr for quite a while with gif and all and with every post the more I’ve been wanting to see it. It has a great attitude towards relationships compared to most Disney movies, I mean with the jumping into marriage with the first prince that comes along… oh yeah, kind of spoiler warning… and even tho I’m not really a big fan of snow in real life I love the visuals in this movie, it actually made me want to see snow outside (that feeling will however be short lived as when the cold sets in I’ll be dreaming of spring yet again).

According to newspapers in Norway the interest for tourism and such went up after this movie. Why ? because we have reindeers ? It felt more swedish to me with the Midsummer celebration thing they had going at the start of the movie. Oh well whatever. I loved the movie like I do most animated Disney flicks. Sure, I’m not much for musical type movies but it’s just something about the charming characters (the kid segment in the start was adorable). I loved Sven the reindeer, the boat scene and most of all Elsa the queen (voiced by Idina Menzel). She’s kind of reminds me of Regina in Once upon a time (tv-series), love her. The sister, princess Anna is voiced by one of my favorite female actresses Kristen Bell.

Frozen won 2 academy awards this year, 1. Best animated feature film of the year and 2. Best achievement in Music (both understandable). It also ran off with 2 golden globes and a BAFTA this year so yes you should watch it if you love animated movies.

This movie has 2 directors; Chris Buck who did Tarzan (1999) and Surf’s up (2007). It’s Jennifer Lee’s first movie credited as a director but she had screenplay credits on Wreck it Ralph (2012). For a second there I thought it was Felicity Smoke (Arrow) when I saw her picture on :)

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Homefront (2013)


Homefront is one of those movies I pre-ordered from Amazon (yup, I’ve switched from due to their insane prices) the day it got a release date. I’ve rarely ever seen a Statham movie that disappointed me so this was a must have from the day I knew it existed…

I’ve come to the conclusion that James Franco is the perfect villain. No wonder he’s squinting so much, he must have been hit in the face in every other movie by the protagonist (I squint too if i see a fist approaching so seeing it that often must have set some kind of mark). Kate Bosworth (that kids mom) kind of was amazing in this movie… didn’t quite expect a character like that in a popcorn “b-flick” (well, in my eyes it’s not a b-flick at all so therefore the “”). She could be in a movie with the name 12 years a tweaker.

Before I sat down with the movie I knew that Winona Ryder (my teenage crush) was in it but I didn’t picture her in the part she was in… bonus, unpredictability by doing spoilers before watching a flick. Bosworth kind of stole her attention in this movie tho, if I’ll remember anything from this movie it would be her. It was nice to see Clancy Brown in a movie again too, such an underrated actor. I’m glad to see he’s be cast in the upcoming Warcraft movie (wonder what his role will be?)…

I just noticed that Sylvester Stallone has the screenplay on this movie, cool. Director Gary Fleder previously did Kiss the Girls  (1997), Impostor  (2001) and Runaway Jury  (2003). He’s also directed episodes on tv-shows like the new Star-Crossed October road and Life Unexpected.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Carrie (2013)

Carrie 2013

They don’t make’em like they used to in the 80′s… I guess it isn’t horror when you’re enjoying the mayhem. When you feel nothing for the victims and just want more blood… ’cause they’re all cunts. Just sayin’.

I might have enjoyed the karma and all but “horror” remakes like this is kind of a joke and I only decided to watch this because I’m a fan of Chloë Grace Moretz, she’s awesome… always. Tho in this movie I’d say Julianne Moore is the creepy one :) (love her too).

Mini spoiler… I’ve always found telekinesis to be a good movie theme but I kind of think they took it to far with the car and cracked road tho I enjoyed it still… Not a movie I’d watch again, but I’ve seen it. It’s quite a jump from director Kimberly Peirce doing this from doing Boys Don’t Cry (1999). She did Stop-Loss (2008) and that’s it. I guess she’s busy doing other stuff.

..I rate this movie 4/10 stars..

Last man standing (1996)

Last man standing 1996

This movie has been discussed a lot by film fanatics because it’s one of them movies with a story that has been retold over and over from Akira Kuroshawa’s Yojimbo (1961) to Sergio Leone’s A fist full of dollars 1964). Akira based it on a novel of Dashiel Hammet, Red Harvest (1929). Personally, I couldn’t care less … If I like the film I’ll say so… most movies today has “stolen” the story here and there. Is there any orginality left in what comes out today ? I can’t think like that… If I’m entertained I’m happy. I’m not a nitpicking critic. If I hate the story I say so, If the story or characters annoys me I say so… I’m passionate, I’m confused, I’m empathic, I’m apathic… It all depends on the movie.

Last man standing might be viewed as one of them movies that was unneccesarily made but it’s one of my favorite Bruce Willis movies so I couldn’t care less. The soundtrack is one of the things I remember the most about it so thank you Ry Cooder for that cool theme. If fits the movie, protagonist and story perfectly. The exaggeration when people get shot where they fly through the air, the undertaker tipping his hat in thanks for the business, the qwirky bartender and awesome presence of Christopher Walken as a villain yet again (love him). I love this movie.

The director Walter Hill is one of those names I know the best as he was pretty much one of the directors that made movies back when I started watching after getting our first VCR. He’s on the production crew of the Alien movies from the first up to Prometheus 2 (2016) but my introduction to Hill as a director came with 48 hours (1982) followed by Brewster’s millions (1985), Crossroads (1986) and Red Heat (1988). I always cheer when I see the name Walter Hill on a movie. It’s a name that to me is synonymous with quality.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)


Why is it that everytime I put a movie on hold it ends up being amazing… I ended up tweeting a thank you to Bradley after watching this (would have included Jen too but she ain’t got no twitter). Been a fan of Bradley since Alias. I remember watching an interview with him back in those days and he seemed to feel so blessed for the company of actors being new to the scene and all, pretty much how Jennifer seems starstruck and amazed now even years after getting a-listed. They’re a great fit on the bigscreen, I’d like them to do more stuff together.

I bet that moment when Bob sits at Bradleys bedside (which was great by the way) a certain someone was having some sort of amazeballs moment in their head. I mean just look at Bradley’s eyes in that one moment… I bet he could draw feelings from that moment alone to make the scene so great. It’s been 13 years since Alias showed up on the tv-screen but I’m sure Mr.Cooper still enjoys getting paired up with legends (he’s sort of becoming one himself, and fast).

It’s hard not having a crush on Jen, she’s got that qwirky thing going for her. Sure, the media tend to tearing her a new one cause of her clumsyness but that’s kind of adorable. She’s the best thing to happen to the movie industry in my eyes. She’s brilliant in every freakin movie I’ve seen her in. Jennifer Lawrence totally deserved her Oscar for her part in this.

So, why did this movie hit me like it did… it’s not every day I get to watch a movie generated around the mental health issue, which I can relate to in so many ways. So when I decide to say thank you for making this it’s not just because it’s a great movie, I say thank you ’cause it gives me kind of a hope that maybe one day someone might walk into my life changing my outlook on it… Hope is a wonderful thing. It’s great when you find movies with characters you can relate to.

Director David O. Russell previously did Three Kings (1999) and made American Hustle (2013) which was nominated for 10 Oscars. I’m kinda excited about the upcoming Nailed.  Oh, and he also did The Fighter (2010).

..I rate this movie 10/10 stars..


Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)


Yup, it’s still epicly awesome… I remember reviewing this back in my old blog and I was totally in love with this when it came out. Nothing has changed… I still love it just as much today. The cast, the characters, the soundtrack and the visuals.. In my opinion there are quite a few camera men doing action flicks that could learn from the fight sequences in this movie ’cause they are epic… tho it’s not the action in this movie that makes it epic, it’s the qwirkyness and how easy it’s to relate (for me at least) with the protagonist, Scott. Socially awkward, trying to escape confrontations, battling the exes of the potential girlfriend and all that.. The movie is simply perfect in every way possible.

… and did I mention the soundtrack…? it’s just so cool. In fact I ended up finding it on Spotify, listening to it while writing the review as I’m still in Pilgrim mode. *Swoons after Ramona* I actually didn’t remember Kendrick being in this one cause I just about only remember Winstead from this movie (and Alison Pill due to The Newsroom and Goon). Ellen Wong is freakishly adorable in this too as Knives. The anime effects just makes it all even cooler. There’s not really any movies to compare this to (that is worth mentioning).

Director Edgar Wright, the man behind epic movies like Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007) and The World’s End  (2013) is now working on Ant-Man and I am really looking forward to it :)

..I rate this movie 10/10 stars..

If I weren’t such a gamer I’d find time to watch this movie once a week or two.

Paranoia (2013)


Been wanting to see this movie for some time now. I remember liking Antitrust back when it came out, actually one of my favorite movies in this genre so I had sorta high hopes for this one after seeing the cast and all. Paranoia wasn’t quite as good as I hoped but I still fairly enjoyed it. I was hoping there was some more to the dealing with it all part of the movie (don’t want to give anything away so I speak in riddles but hopefully you’ll see what I mean when you watch the movie).

Putting up Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford on the cast is two very good reason to watch the movie in itself. Personally tho, I love movies in the computer/technology genre… especially thrillers. Leading actor Liam Hemsworth (Thor’s younger brother, well … Chris’s) is one of the newer actors I actually like so that didn’t hurt the movie either. For most people the eye candy/dream girl is Amber Heard, and sure she is… but I kind of fancy Angela Sarafyan. A bit sad her part was that small. Sorry if I sound malechauvinistic, I’m not… to me a movie/series without a female presence is kind of boring (exception The Untouchables and season 1 of Human Target).

Richard Dreyfuss might have had a small part in the movie, but he sure fits the part well. Such an awesome dude… Julian McMahon and Josh Holloway are perfectly cast as henchmen on each side of the law. I think Julian is perfect for the douchy characters, kind of typecast in most appearance but I like him nevertheless.

Director Robert Luketic previously did Killers  (2010) and The Ugly Truth  (2009), two movies that I love. He also did Legally Blonde (2001) and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!  (2004) which wasn’t bad either. I’m very excited to see his project Expendabelles happen but no date set or anything…

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)


Hey everybody, anyone have an idea for a scary sea monster ??! No… ok, let’s use the Star Wars thingie. Well, if I look away from that part of it all then I’d say it was an ok movie. I chose to look at this as a movie for kids under 12 as the acting felt like it was aimed towards it… it actually became kind of charming when I did.

I really liked the taxi witches and the sssnakes. It was also nice to see Anthony Head in something again (Giles in Buffy) and an added bonus in Nathan Fillion as Hermes and Stanley Tucci as Mr.D. The Oracle had such a recognizable voice I pictured the face of the voice actress when she talked (^_^).

Some nice animations with that Seahorse creature and the uber cool mechanical bull. It kind of went downhill for a while with the amusement island segment but over all a pretty decent average movie. I wasn’t bored…

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen any of Thor Freudenthal’s (the director) movies.. Tho I think I’ve seen Hotel for dogs (2009) as it seems familiar. Don’t remember it tho.

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..

Escape Plan (2013)


I’ve always wanted a movie with Stallone and Schwarzenegger together (and for more than a minute like The Expendables or drowned out by lots of other big names like in Expendables 2). These two guys should make more stuff together as they have great chemistry.

Escape plan has a pretty nifty cast with Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest) as the bad guy, which I liked. It was weird to see an actor like Sam Neill (Event Horizon) show up in this movie as the prison doctor (not a name I assosiate with Stallone action flicks). Vinnie Jones as the bad guys’s henchman was a perfect fit, he always makes for a great thug.

The overall plot is kind of simple but I still found it entertaining and exciting. Sure, it might now have the classic value like Escape from Alcatraz (1979) but even so I’d rate it the same just because of the pairing of my two childhood heroes with the bonus of Jim (whome has turned into one of my favorite actors in the last 5 years). I’d definitely watch this again at some point and again at some point after that.

Director Mikael Håfström previously did the Hamilton movie Vendetta (1995) which I loved and 1408 (2007) which was kind of good as well. He’s also the writer of Kopps and Ondskapen (2003). I’m sure more good things will come from this man.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Ender’s Game (2013)


Never read the book, never expected anything … well, maybe something as Harrison Ford is in it but other than that nothing really. I found it somewhat predictable but then again so are most movies … The villain to me was that little fellow that tried to hard to be tall and scary… made me shake my head. There are to many idiots like that in the world, no need to bring them into books or movies as they are pathetic characters and have no entertainment value. Stick to the unknown and creepy, it’s much more interesting.

To be honest I got more interested in the last 10 minutes and would love to see a sequel adressing that thing than what I just watched… Not that it was boring but it didn’t feel all that new to me. It more made me miss series like Babylon 5, Farscape and Andromeda.

Visually tho… there’s some pretty nifty space battles… and that Zero gravity game was kinda cool as well. They could make a movie with centered around that game alone. Would be more interesting than watching Soccer or any of todays sports for sure.

Director Gavin Hood has some cool stuff on his resume. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Rendition (2007) and Tsotsi (2005). Haven’t seen the last of them but have heard good things about it (just not my cup of tea so I’ll leave it to you to find out).

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Gravity (2013)


Got this in my mail the other day, was a bit worried at first as it said 3D on the cover but luckily there was a “normal” version in there as well (I’ll never waste my money on 3D player as I’ll go outside if I feel like a 3D experience).

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this movie other than stunning visuals (as it did get quite a few Academy Awards this year)… Tho I’m a big fan of Sandra so there was that.

I really think this was a good movie… was it a flop ? No it wasn’t where did I read that anyway. Probably someone that gives 6/6 to movies I fall asleep of… I found this very exciting and I’m glad to have it in my blu-ray collection. Visuals lived up to my expectations and Sandra did a great job as usual. I kind of already knew the outcome as I heard it on some tv-show I watch every week but I still loved it in spite of the spoiler.

Director Alfonso Cuarón (also producer/writer on this) isn’t a name I’m familiar with, but now I know he had a hand in Pans labyrint (2006) as a producer and Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (2004).

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..


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