In the world of movies we all can dream.

CAT.8 (Tv-miniseries 2013)

CAT8I was browsing through the new additions to Netflix and found this which made me very happy. I’ve seen Category 6 and 7 (the movies/mini-series) before so this one ticked my interested box as I love disaster movies. Question tho ; If a Category 8 is a distruction of Earth event, will we see a Category 9 and what would that be ? A solar system destruction (If so a movie called CAT.9 would be a futuristic one were we’ve left earth for mars and other colonies), just sayin as I could picture it).

Back to the movie. I never was a big fan of Matthew Modine because he keeps playing douchy characters, but in this one he’s even likeable.. not that it helps a lot cause they added an ubercunty character called Brian (Ted Whittall). I wash praying throughout the movie he was eaten by the Earth in a thousand miles deep crater.

I don’t know what’s with these disaster movies but every one of ‘em seem to have an annoying ex-wife and kids that drives you nuts. Well, this one the “kid” is kinda grown up but still insanely annoying. That being said, this movie has less family annoyances than other disaster movies (I call it as I see it). The effects in this movie is way above the average sci-fi disaster movie, in fact the CGI effects looks pretty darned cool. When it comes to set effects like falling debris and such it’s kinda pathetic. So much work into good CGI I guess that only could afford one dead bird falling out of the sky or a few bricks hitting the street… in other word nothing like in the movie The Core (2003). Still, I’d say the CGI makes up for the people doing the sets.

I always manage to find myself eye candy in a movie, luckily this time it’s Maxim Roy (Heartland, Defying Gravity, ReGenesis). She plays Dr. Jane Whitlow, the stunning brunette scientist. The ex-wife was kinda hot too but her personality was so annoying I kinda forgot…

CAT.8 is directed by Kevin Fair, he’s had a hand in the production of some episodes of Smallville, The Core (2003) and Get Carter (2000). There are lots of interesting stuff on his resume, I just mentioned a few I’ve enjoyed watching.

..I rate this movie/mini-series 6/10 stars..

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