In the world of movies we all can dream.

Seattle Superstorm (2012)

Finding new disaster movie yet again … now that makes me a happy camper. Seattle Superstorm is another Syfy original and the quality of the camera work seems higher than most low budget Syfy movies. Some neat CGI stuff and some not so good. The characters of the movie was more annoying than heroic and I found myself scratching my head quite a lot as there was quite a few questionable scenes. Like driving for minutes at max speed yet still being in range of the tower… or getting stuck under a fridge as a tornado closed in… But these are thing that just makes the movie more enjoyable as it is the ridiculus scenes that entertain. I don’t know why they keep having annoying teens in every disaster movie, I still long to see one where the clueless teen gets eaten by a storm or whatnot… but I guess teens in disaster movies are like blondes in horror flick, a must have to create the right atmosphere. There is not much buildup in this movie, it goes straight to the disaster from the start. I can honestly say that I fairly enjoyed this movie (as I do most Syfy originals) and I’d probably watch it again if it someday shows up on the television when visiting family or friends (I rarely do, but hey… you never know, right ?)

..I rate this movie 4/10 stars..

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