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Act of Valor (2012)

Yet another movie where my opinion differ from CC, my blog critic friend. Him giving it a 4/10 and it being rated at 6.4/10 made my rating on this movie difficult… but I decided to don’t give a crap as I am me. I didn’t quite know what to expect from this movie as I never seen a trailer or anything… It ended up being one of my favorite movies of this year so far. It has some of the coolest tactical action sequences I’ve ever seen on film and is working at a fast phase from beginning to end having you sit on the edge of your seat. Sure, it is violent and bloody but omg there are some mindblowingly insane action scenes in this one. Loved it … If I were rich I’d dedicate a full shelf just with this movie on blu-ray. It’s that awesome! I doubt I’ll see anything like this in a while, It’s like a FPS game with amateurish actors which again is elite soldiers turned into a movie with high quality camera work… Epic! The only thing I can find as a negative about the whole thing was the acting during the off duty scenes, but that was such a short amount of time that I shouldn’t even bother mentioning it. The action more than make up for anything that might pull the movie down. This is a high quality popcorn movie which I’m sure I’ll watch again and soon.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

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One response

  1. Captain Charisma

    After a good start, the movie doesn’t deliver in the end. The first big action scene is really good and intense, but the actors kills this movie. It’s strange that they couldn’t use at least two decent actors in the team.

    15. July 2012 at 09:49

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