In the world of movies we all can dream.

Time Runner (1993)

I can see on the version of the cover that they say this was the most explosive science fiction thriller of the year … it must have been a horrible movie year if that were the case ’cause this is probably the worst science fiction movie I’ve ever seen. I think I spendt about 5 hours to watch it as I had to take constant breaks cause I was bored out of my mind watching it. I can’t believe the star from Star wars even said yes to this thing.

The only cool thing about the movie was Arnie and he has just a small part. This movie could only be good if it was the first movie ever made as maybe I’d appreciate and marvel over people acting on a big screen… maybe it would be better with piano music playing instead of the sound. Doesn’t take much to improve this movie.

..I rate this movie 1/10 stars..

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