In the world of movies we all can dream.

Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012)

I think out of all Shark movies I’ve ever seen, this must be the worst (and I’ve seen a lot). I love the Syfy original movies but whomever came up with a cross between Jersey shore and Jaws should be banned from writing scripts … at least give us the enjoyment of seeing Snooki get snacked. This is below low budget, the CGI sucked and the acting and characters were horrible (tho i did expect that in advance). Tho the Joey Fatone incident and the 8 pack photo session made me laught, I’ll give it that. I’m kinda surprised to see some of them familiar actors in this movie… are they really that desperate ?! I don’t really expect movies like this to be like quality a-list movies, but at least if it’s gonna be bad give me some funny scenes and a somewhat entertaining story.

..I rate this movie 1/10 stars..

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