In the world of movies we all can dream.

John Carter (2012)

After hearing how this movie flopped and earned less money than it cost making it I thought to myself that this was a shitty movie … The thing is, I really don’t think so. I love adventures, fantasy and science fiction and this is perfectly into the genre of all 3 types of movies. It has cool creatures, a nice story and pulls you in from the very start. It even has a nice ending… Then again, it’s a Disney movie so that I did see coming. Lynn Collins who plays Dejah is stunningly beautiful in it… I’ll surely be on the lookout for more movies with her after seeing this. I’m surely gonna watch this movie again and again cause I liked it .. but mainly cause I just wanna see Dejah again …. and again … and again. Glad I have it in my Blu-ray collection :)

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

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One response

  1. shiyam

    i like very much of like this movie.most people also like this movies.v need lots of movies like this diffrent places diffrent planets,i hope in the futcher we can watch movies like this

    7. July 2012 at 09:03

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