In the world of movies we all can dream.

The Terror Beneath (2011)

Ah, nothing makes me happier than when I find a movie in the disaster genre and even tho I don’t expect much from most of the movies in this genre as they are uber low budget with shitty actors and horrible CGI I just can’t stop loving them.

The Terror Beneath is another Syfy original movie and even tho it is one of the typical low budget flicks I was kinda impressed by the cast as it wasn’t as shit as I thought it would be. I actually found the movie kinda exciting and enjoyable in spite of the fact I found that girl with the camera highly annoying (since I’m no fan of being a spoiler I won’t comment on if she lived or not). The plot is kinda interesting as I haven’t read are watched anything with of this origin before which was kinda cool.

..I rate this movie 4/10 stars..

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