In the world of movies we all can dream.

Hell Ride (2008)

Another movie I’ve seen once before and liked way more the first time around… Nice bikes and chicks with a hint of nasty. I still don’t know why I liked it more the first time I saw it other that crushing on the bartender Dani (Laura Coyouette). I guess it’s not the typical movie … It’s basically Lucky number Slevin the bikergang version… kinda. I rarely watch a movie of this type twice in a year but at least it’s kind of entertaining even tho I had to turn away for some scenes… guess I’m kind of a wuzz when it comes to neck slicing. Anyway, a Tarantino fan would love this one …. I think. Michael Madsen is cool in it at least.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

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  1. Paragraph Film Reviews

    Not sure if I’d give this a second viewing. All I remember is the director writing himself as the baddest MF on the planet with all the chicks. And I just can’t picture Mylo from 24 fixing servers every time he pops up in a film.

    20. April 2012 at 12:32

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