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Halloween (2007)

I’ve stated earlier in my blog that horror flicks isn’t my favorite genre.. but every now and then I do watch them. I think the Japanese makes the best movies in the genre but I have some favorites among american movies as well. Rob Zombie is definitively one of my favorite directors in the horror genre so I must admit I prefer the remake over the original. The suspense is so high throughout the whole movie (which is kind of long for a flick in the horror genre but it works). Nice to see Danielle Harris again even tho it’s a small part, she’s become one hell of a scream queen during her carreer. I first noticed her in The last Boyscout so I’ve kind of followed her since then. 4 years younger than me and already been in 80 movies… now that is pretty impressive.

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..

Mutant Chronicles (2008)

2nd time I watch this movie… I actually like this one ’cause it’s story is unique. It’s brutal but with CGI effects like in the Spartacus series. I like the cast with Thomas Jane, Ron Pearlman, Devon Aoki plus Anna Walton whome is a new face to me. Her character is pretty cool in this movie. I’ll probably watch it again in the future as it is exciting and special… I bet I’m one of few that really enjoy it as my taste is kind of weird among the amateur critic bloggers out there. Devon is one of my favorite femal faces on the movie screen which probably is reason enough for me to enjoy it… that and it’s pretty much action from beginning to end.

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..

The Troll Hunter (2010)

About time I got to see this movie… I’ve had it on Blu-ray for quite some time now and I’ve put it on hold. Probably the best Norwegian movie I’ve seen in the later years… they should make more quality movies like this one. I heard rumors that there will be an american re-make at some point… I’ll probably see that one as well tho I doubt it will be as good. I normally don’t watch remakes of movies but hey, how many Troll movies are there out there ? Not many…. I bet most people have seen this one already, but if you haven’t then you should. It’s like Blair witch project but way better…

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Dragon Crusaders (2011)

A movie about a bunch of heroes that must rescue a fair maiden from a dark sorcerer, maybe not the most original movie plot… not to impressed with the acting either… But for a shitty movie, the dragons at least are pretty decent so that’s a plus. The Gargoyles however are kind of uhmm non scary… The pirates aren’t really all that impressive… I think I’d be more afraid of changing a diaper on a baby than face 20 of those bunch…. Had a good laugh of the pirate ship which looks big in the distance but seemed to become tinier the closer you got to it and ended up to become the size of a poor mans sailboat when they went aboard. The only ok thing about the movie is the dragons and the sexy amazon woman, Aerona (Cecily Fay), with the annoying singing. She’d fit in well in the medieval movies of the 80’s. She kind of reminded me of a young Karen Lee Sheperd in America 3000.

..I rate this movie 2/10 stars..

A little bit of heaven (2011)

A little bit of heaven is one of those movies you’re glad to watch all by yourself… Personally I found it charming yet emotionally draining… Yup, there were tears and lot’s of ‘em … Had to take quite a few breaks even tho it’s a very good movie.. I just didn’t feel like crying constantly. Let me put it this way, if you can sit through this one without showing emotion then I’m pretty sure you’re a sociopath or one of them serial killers that feels nothing. It’s nice to watch a movie like this every now and then… it’s actually a bit funny too. Not to forget it has a great cast.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..


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