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Genius (1999)

Probably the worst Disney movie ever made… sure it has it’s moments but it just becomes so stupid at one point that I doubt I’d find it funny unless I was like 6 years old (guess that I am yet again in the wrong target group). The story in itself isn’t that bad but the ice rink scenes is just stupid. If you think Mighty Ducks was stupid you’ve seen nothing yet.

Trevor Morgan is no Jim Parsons that’s for sure. I guess I can’t fault the actors and actresses of the movie as they’re not the ones putting the stupid stuff in there… I’m sure it’s a nice kids movie and that a 6 year old might say it’s the awesomest movie ever… even some might nag me that this was their favorite movie when they were a kid (try seeing it again now).

So, if the chips steers the skates … How come they do the same arm movement as well ? The whole thing just made me shake my head and sigh.

..I rate this movie 2/10 stars..

Ferocious Planet (2011)

Seems like I keep finding movies on the Syfy channel these days… Simple entertainement. Actually the dinosaurs in this movie isn’t all that bad. Cool design and they look scary. It’s like they crossed a T-Rex with a Praying mantis in the way they kill off their prey… talk about getting cut in half… ewww.

I like Jurrasic Park meets Primeval type movies. Having Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis in the lead you kind of have a familar face to cheer on as he kind of is well placed in the role of the hero of the movie… Ferocious planet might not be the best movie I’ve ever seen but it did entertain me and I was never bored. Kind of fun that they managed to still have electricity after the relocation but hey anything is possible in movieland.

..I rate this movie 4/10 stars..

The Dragon Pearl (2011)

I probably would have loved this movie back when I was 12-13 years old… not that I didn’t like it now, but movies with kids in the lead just ends up annoying me more than entertaining me. This movie tho the annoyance factor wasn’t that high. Kind of a nice family adventure movie… It’s the kids are right and the parents narrowminded type movie which kind of rubs me the wrong way but I guess if I can believe in dragons in the movie I can do the exception of believing a pair of kids as well…. I’m kind of in the wrong target group for this movie but I still liked it a little.

..I rate this movie 4/10 stars..

Sex and Death 101 (2007)

Say hello to one of my all time top 5 romantic comedies. I remember getting very positively surprised by this movie last year and that the first thing I did after seeing it was to buy it on DVD ’cause I simply loved this movie. In other words this isn’t my first time watching this movie and it will surely not be the last.

Imagine getting a list of all women you’re gonna be with… knowing your future sexcapades… Personally I’d be most interested in knowing the last on the list ’cause that must without a doubt be the one… or ?

My biggest celebrity crush has always and always will be Winona Ryder, which was my main reason to see this movie when I found it… but I’ve also grown to like Simon Baker from watching The Mentalist series. I think this movie is funny, charming and very easy to become a part of while watching. I’m really happy to have it in my collection ^.^ It’s alway gonna be one of my tens.

..I rate this movie 10/10 stars..


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