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Snow Cake (2006)

Snow cake is a movie I will remember after this year is done… I just got excited by seeing the cast in the intro credits but I had no idea that this movie was gonna be that good… I barely recognize Sigourney Weaver in this movie and she is great in it… I’m used to seeing her in serious grown up parts, not childlike parts which made it kinda charming… If it’s an authentic and believable character, sure for me it was as I have nothing to compare to when it comes to authism. I really like Alan Rickmans character and I am always pleased to see Callum Keith Rennie in any movie as he is one of my favorite actors even if it’s just a small part. I find him believeable at whatever he does, such a cool dude… Carrie-Anne Moss is another actress that brightens my day, always happy to see her in any movie. Overall, this movie is a must see :)

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

9 (2009)

I’ve always wanted to see this movie, don’t know why I’ve waited so long… I’ve had it for ages. Tim Burton having a hand in it should be reason enough to wanting to see it. I love animated movies and this one is a bit different, it has some kind of uniqueness… It was cool that it doesn’t have to many characters in it … 9 totally different personalities among the rag dolls and then the creative machine making a few other cool ones. Story was exciting too, was dragged into the world of 9 from the first minute to the last ^.^ A bit “scarier” than most animated movies which is why it has PG-13 rating I guess. 9 has a 7.0/10 on with about 50k votes.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Messages Deleted (2009)

What got me interested in watching this movie as Phone Booth and Cellular which was two pretty good movies (same author)… This movie however is not even in the same ballpark as the previous movies. The story itself is kind of exciting but I don’t like the characters. Matthew Lillard’s character is super stupid, the bad guy obvious and the detectives idiots… The only thing that saves the movie and makes it exciting is the randomness of the killer and the gorgeousness of Deborah Kara Unger. Hell, even I felt like killing the main character of the movie most of the time… I was kind of sad at the end because it all turns out boring…

..I rate this movie 3/10 stars..

Halloween II (2009)

Compared to the first movie remake this movie really really sucks… At least in the first movie Michael was creepy whilest in this one they Edwardifized the mother fucker as a kid and made him a totally different person… The previous kid was creepy at least plus Micheal makes grunting sounds in this one which makes him even less scary, better when he was silent but deadly… The parts with the ghost mom and the white horse was just to much… I guess I need to be a mental case of a different type to even get the point of that shit… Probably the shittiest movie Rob Zombie ever made, at least it’s the first shitty movie I’ve seen him make… Oh well, at least I’ve seen it now… can cross this of my list and move it over to the list over worst horror flicks ever made.

..I rate this movie 2/10 stars..

Command Performance (2009)

You kind of know what to expect when you see a movie is directed by Dolph Lundgren, expectations aren’t very high but you know you might get some entertainment out of the coming 90 minutes… Command Performance did just that, not at all impressed by the acting but it was pretty much action from beginning to end… I found the song they played with CMF kind of good actually (Dolph plays a drummer)… to bad it wasn’t available on Spotify cause I would have starred it…

I can’t say I had much empathy for the hostages cause I found them all annoying but it’s nice to see Dolph kick some ass throughout. The movie feels like one of the action movie I watched back in the late 80s early 90s… I guess most b-movies do still give of that feeling today. Press people getting offed makes me smile… does that make me a bad person ?

..I rate this movie 4/10 stars..

Chloe (2009)

Chloe has a pretty decent cast and plot but it failed me at least … just small things but enough to make me sit back with no thought or anything when the movie was done… What did the Chloe having the sniffles to do in the story ? That thing could easily have been removed from the movie as it ment nothing to the story… No backstory on her either which sucks… I’m was very surprised to see Ivan and Jason Reitmans name on the production team as this isn’t a movie I would have guessed they had a hand in making… not their style at all. All in all, I’d say this movie fail on many levels yet on a positive not get’s a tiny bit interesting just because of the cast doing their job.

..I rate this movie 3/10 stars..

Happy Feet 2 (2011)

I don’t remember much from the first Happy feet movie so I can’t say which is best but this one was charming as well… Sven was a nice addition to the pinguin crew and best of all the Krills Bill and Will… I don’t remember who was who of the two funny buggars but the Krill reminded me a bit about that squirrel in Ice Age personalitywise. One in a krillion ^.^ Nice soundtrack and many familiar voices… all in all a nice family movie.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..


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