In the world of movies we all can dream.

Forces spéciales (2011)

I thought this was gonna be the typical american movie when I sat down with it but found out that it is a french movie… as that wasn’t enough I did not suspect it to be this good so I was like totally surprised to find a war movie I’d like this much. One of the scenes in it was kind of Platoon like with that french soldier running from the hostile soldiers while trying to lure them away from the main group.

I rarely watch french movies, I dunno why because they have a lot of quality action movies (I’m not much into any other genres when it comes to foreign film with the exception of asian movies). This is just as much a drama as an action movie… not the typical get in, save, get out type movie. The enemy in this movie is tougher than in most action movies, more persistent.. this makes the whole thing more exciting… at least I think so. In my opinion the best war type movie I’ve seen from the current situation in the east. Well worth checking out.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

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