In the world of movies we all can dream.

Collision Earth (2011)

No sexy pictures from this movie … *sigh* Yet another catastrophy movie airing on the Syfy channel… I guess they felt like they had used up the asteroide/meteor colliding plots so they decided to go with planet collision this time *lol*. The Sun sends out some kind of magenta wave thingie magnetizing the planet Mercur sending it towards earth… All this happens during an expedition to Mercur and the woman steering the ship gotta save the world… The plot is very very very b-movie like but they actually have some decent actors and familiar faces in this movie which was a plesant surprise. The movie is of course so bad it’s kind of funny yet also kind of exciting. This is far from the worst sci-fi movie I ever saw and since I love disaster movies I fairly enjoyed this thing.

..I rate this movie 3/10 stars..

“No trailer available it seems so you just gotta look it up on the syfy channel site”

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