In the world of movies we all can dream.

Catch 44 (2011)

This movie fall under the same type as Inglorious Basterds and Pulp fiction which in my eyes is the yawn yap yap yap category. I don’t really like those types of movies as I always have to take 6-7 breaks to get through them. I get tired watching and bored restless way before getting half way into the movies.

I’m pretty sure this movie is gonna get great reviews from the big critics but for me this was plain boring. On the positive side I think the movie has great camerawork and great actors. Whitaker is great as usual and Willis good as the bad element. Not a movie I’ll ever watch again tho (unless I have problems sleeping). Another high point for me was seeing Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood)… but I kept wishing for her to show fangs during the air time she got.

..I rate this movie 3/10 stars..

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2 responses

  1. Sounds like you’ve found yourself on the side of the crowd who hate Tarantino… I’m on the other side and films like this can be fun. Interesting take on a fun film though.

    3. December 2011 at 21:13

    • I don’t really hate Tarantino, he do have some movies I like (Kill Bill, Death proof and Planet terror)… But Inglorious Basterds was nothing like the trailer promised which made me sigh… I just don’t like most of the movies that is all talk and going back and forth in time. Glengary Glen Ross (talk talk talk) type movies makes me sleepy and bored ^,^

      I’m pretty sure there are many that might love this film tho…

      3. December 2011 at 22:35

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