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Suits (Tv-serie)

Now this series, Suits, that airs on the USA network is a breath of fresh air to the weekly series I watch. Tho I guess they just finished a season… I really hope they come back with another because I just had to re-arrange my favorite series and character list because of this show. Suits has a 9.0/10 on with over 6,000 votes so far. That’s a pretty insanely awesome rating for a tv-serie.

Besides the fact that this is a well written tv-serie, this show has some pretty cool characters… But nobody beats Donna who is played by Sarah Rafferty and the main reason I had to re-arrange my favorite all time female characters list. I treasure the screen time Donna gets because she is hillarious.

Sure there are more reason to love this show other than Donna. High eye candy factor (besides Donna you got Gina Torres, Meghan Markle and Vanessa Ray), exciting cases, annoying friends and co-workers (that you hope get’s it some day) and good back stories.  I’m really looking forward to seeing a 2nd season and I read somewhere about USA network sayin they are re-newing all their shows with extra seasons so I’m pretty pleased with this channel. They seem to get it (please buy NBC and re-vamp some of the popular canceled ones).

“If you’re a fan of crime shows, this one is awesome!”

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  1. Beauty

    I watched this season and I really loved it. I have to admit Donna is my favorite as well. She just knows how to hold the audiences attention when she’s on the screen. Meghan Markle is another one of my favorites. She really has this soft aggressiveness that I admire. Season Two really needs to start soon but with all the same cast. I’m really excited since I got my new HDTV and HD programming that I get Free for life with DISH. I will now be about to watch Suits in the best picture. As a customer and employee with DISH I recommend you get HD free for life with DISH and not miss a single episode it the best picture you ever seen.

    22. December 2011 at 16:11

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