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Haven (Tv-serie)

I’ve been catching up on the series, Haven, these last two days. It’s kind of the type of serie you wanna have many episodes available before watching it as it’s kinda addictive. I’m finally up to par with the show which now has aired 10 episodes of season 2. I like the way it’s going and the show keeps surprising me as it’s not as predictable as most series.

The ending of season 1 was mindblowing and it made me very eager to follow season 2… and the way this season (2) is going, I really can’t wait to see the next season… That is unless Syfy channel gets a brain fart (like they did with Farscape, and no I’ll never forgiv’em for that one) and decides to cancel the show.

I pray that this show doesn’t get lost like Lost did because right now it’s exciting to see how Audrey and Duke’s stories unfold. I don’t forsee this as a neverending series and I really hope that they decide to make an ending where everything get’s explained. Hopefully not the they are all dead kind of ending… tho after seeing the ending of season 1 I doubt they have idiot writers *laughs*.

If you’re a fan of series about the supernatural then this is obviously a serie you wanna check out. It’s rates fairly above average to me which means I feel I have to watch it but it’s not on the top of my list (tho these two last days it has been).

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