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Torchwood : Miracle Day (Tv-serie)

Torchwood is one of those series you better have all episodes before sitting down with it… I’ve loved every season of this show which is a spin off from Doctor Who. I never watched that Who show but I sure love Torchwood. Gwen Cooper is of course my favorite character, but season 4 (Miracle day) actually had quite a few nice additions. I love Lauren Ambrose who plays Jilly and Marina Benedict who plays Charlotte.

The story of this season grips hold of you from episode 1 and I actually barely managed to take a break (I watched the series in two days). For a science fiction movie it really seem like something that actually would happen if the scenario ever came up… humans are such a greedy, paranoid and spiteful animal that I wouldn’t put i pass’em.

What would you do if you one day found that you couldn’t die ? Personally I wouldn’t change a thing … cause I’m pretty sure things still hurt if you’re immortal. That’s like everlasting pain… no thanks !

Even tho Esther (Alexa Havins) was cute and all that, I pretty much found her to be the most annoying character in 9 out of the 10 episodes. Stupid, naive, clueless blonde that should have stayed behind a desk reading reports with the occational smile in every other episode… now that sounds more like a fan edit I’d do. She’s like the Jar Jar Binks of Torchwood *giggles*.

I really hope they make more seasons. The nice thing about Torchwood is that you get like an ending after each season and when a new season starts they continue building on relationships from passed seasons. I love that Eve Myles is in every season ^.^ This series is definitively one of my all time favorites and I’ll make sure to have it on Blu-ray when available ’cause I really feel like watching the first three seasons now.

“I’d highly recommend this show to anyone! It’s close to a ten imo…”

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