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Alonzo Bodden – Who’s paying attention

First of all let me say that Alonzo Bodden was my favorite when he was on Last comic standing so I did have some expectations on this stand up show… and Alonzo did not disappoint at all. This is by far the best stand up show I’ve seen in a long time (and I watch a lot of stand up). I love how he can talk about anything and I love that he is oriented about what’s happening. Political comics will always be my favorite but Alonzo is actually covering pretty much everything from politics to dating which makes him exciting. I don’t see anything bad to say about this show .. I’m sure there are some republicans that might think differently but I doubt all of ‘em are humorless. Alonzo Rocks ! If you’re a stand up fan you should check out this one.

He talks about everything from O’Bama and Palin to recession,rasism, security and dating (and more). His show is just awesome and I can’t wait for the next one… Go go write more jokes man… then again with all the stupid stuff the goverment of the states does and says I guess we’ll have another show pretty soon *giggles*.

..I rate this stand-up show 10/10..

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