In the world of movies we all can dream.

Blitz (2011)

This movie actually surprised me somehow… not that it was better than I thought but the story and type of movie. I thought it was gonna be yet another Jason kicks everyones arse type movie (not that I see anything wrong with those as I lov’em). This movie actually have character and characters. I like the chemistry between Brant & Nash and I think Aidan Gillen suits the bad guy role. Aidan seems to have gotten quite a few roles lately and I don’t really find it strange as he’s a good actor. You might recognize him from Game of Thrones and the british crime series Identity, two series I love…

Nash is played by Paddy Considine whome is a totally new face to me on the screen… But I think he made a good partner for the cool, “calm”, and collected Jason Statham. I think it’s kind of hard getting noticed in a movie with Jason present but both Considine and Gillen prevailed in this one for sure. All I could think while watching this movie was : “Where was Brant & Nash at July 22nd!”… I guess if you don’t get the thought then you’re not aware of stuff so nevermind my wishful thinking.

The place where the movie fail is trying to make an extra ministory swirling around the semi-charming Elisabeth Falls (played by Zawe Ashton). I think they tried to hard when all they had to focus on was the bad guy and the two partners… Shuffeling in some extra characters just takes away from the movie.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

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