In the world of movies we all can dream.

Blown Away (1994)

I’ve been wanting to see this movie now for quite a while… I guess I’ve become a bit more of a critic as I remember liking it even more, but it’s still å pretty good and entertaining movie. I’m still sitting here with a nauseous feeling after watching Jeff Bridges eat clamshells with spaghetti in the movie, urghhh, not really something I’d ever go for.

I actually didn’t remember Forest Whitaker being in this one so that was a nice surprise. Anyway, it’s all about Tommy Lee Jones in this movie, that dude can play bad guy and hero equally awesome and I have a tendency to cheer him on no matter the side he is on because of his high awesomeness factor. It’s something very thrilling and exciting about movies about bomb makers and their creative ways of scaring the living daylights out of the world ^.^ I haven’t seen many movies of this type in the late years, well…. I saw one that was good some months back, I just can’t remember the name at the moment (the downside of having a gold fish memory).

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

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