In the world of movies we all can dream.

Steamboy (2004)

I’ve had Steamboy (Suchîmubôi) for quite a while but never actually taken the time to sit down with it because I have a lot of other stuff to watch still… But after a longer conversation online today with one of my Rift aquaintances I decided to watch it as he mentioned he liked it. Personally tho I think that the producers previous movie, Akira, was much better. It’s an ok and adventurous movie but it kind of fell short to me. I guess I’ve been spoiled with many an anime movie during the years so I’m a bit more picky. Someone that haven’t seen as many as me tho might actually find it even more entertaining and give it more praise than I do. I actually chose to see it with english speech as I felt it fit as it all happens in England (could have seen with Japanse if I wanted).

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

“Must run, there be thunder and lightning outside again…” *sigh*


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