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Captain America : The First Avenger (2011)

Never read the comics so I didn’t know much about this hero… I guess the U.S could use someone like him right about now. Oh well, an ok movie I guess… some humor, lots of action and a lovestory that goes nowhere. Good thing the nazies wasn’t that technologically advanced back in the 40’s or else I’d be spreching german by now.

This is actually the kind of action movie I don’t like… hard to describe, but when people get overly “patriotic” I just immidiately disconnect with the character as I feel it becomes on the same level of annoyance as overacting. Besides, a man running around with a shield is just not that cool to me. Sure the chemistry between Captain America and Peggy was kinda cute but the movie itself was a trainwreck with shitty bad guys and a horrible hero (Kind of glad I didn’t waste any time on the comics when I was younger… give me the phantom anyday… this sucked). I’m just glad Tommy Lee Jones shined it up a little… At least Iron Man is cool, but then again that’s another movie.

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..

Teen Wolf (Tv-serie)

It seems like producers on most tv channels wanna cash in on the Twilight fever these days… I drag this conclusion out of thin air because it keeps popping up new series about vampires and werewolves (Vampire Diaries, The Gates and more). Personally I don’t think many series in the genre can ever live up to the quality of Kindred : The Embraced or Wolf Lake, two shows that got cancelled way to early (Kindred because the lead actor died in a motorcycle accident if I remember correctly).

Still, I’ve spendt this night watching the first 8 episodes of this new show and I kind of find it entertaining even tho I keep wondering why nobody hears what Scott and Stiles talks about as they are loud as fuck in their conversations. This kind of annoys me… Do the characters think everybody else is deaf and dumb ?? The fights isn’t all that impressive either but they still manage to keep it a bit exciting… guess it’s more directed to the teen female crowd. I like the humor aspect of the show tho and Derek is kind of a cool character.

Crystal Reed as Allison Argent.

The story itself is nothing new… Loser gets bitten, loser turns into werewolf, loser falls for the prettiest girl… and gets her… but her family are werewolf hunters. I hate that they keep making the chick characters naive and oversensitive with a hint of stupid. Thankfully they added an aunt which is kick ass and is like totally cool (my second favorite character in the show, Kate Argent, is played by Jill Wagner. It’s like made for her. I know her from earlier as a presenter on the american reality show Wipeout and now she takes care of werewolves… Awesome!)

I’m pretty sure this series would be a hit in Norway as well. It’s been renewed for a 2nd season in the US. For me this series is just above average but I’ll surely follow it as long as it’s aired (this airs on MTV so I dunno much about their cancellation rate). It’s not in my top 15 series but it’s not in my bottom 50 either (yes, I watch a lot of series).

Death Note 2 : The Last Name (2006)

Death Note 2 starts where number one ends and I guess you can consider them as one long movie which made me love both movies equally. One added bonus to the second movie is Misa (Erika Toda) whome is downright adorable. I’ve heard the 3rd movie is shit so I’m not really sure I wanna go there but this movie is definitively a must watch if you saw the first… as you get no conclusion until you do.

I have to mention that I find the two animated Gods in the movies pretty cool. Especially Ryuuk with his evil grin and love for apples… charming fellow indeed.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Death Note (2006)

I think I’ve been holding this movie off enough already so I ended up watching it after it got some high praise from Captain Charisma. I totally see why CC likes Ken’ichi Matsuyama because it’s like his character is dragged straight out of an anime in this movie. I actually feel like watching the sequel right away. I like Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light as well… they made nice rivals in this movie.

I never watched the anime series, yet… but I surely will after watching the movies (at some point). I also found that the americans are re-making the first movie when checking into for this one… why do they repeatedly steal movie ideas from Japan… I’ll tell you why… Japan make movies with stories outside the box (something americans can’t fathom). Am I gonna watch the re-make ? Fuck no!

This is actually a great thriller even if you haven’t seen the anime series… Some like the movies better than the series, other vice versa. Personally, I think I’d love them equally as I think they found the perfect actors for the job. I don’t agree however on the category chosen on which has put it down as an adventurous crime drama. I’d say it’s more like a fantasy thriller.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Gantz (2011)

The movie Gantz is based on a japanese manga/anime series (which clearly shows when you see the movie). Personally I’ve never read the manga nor have I watched the anime but I found the movie intriguing even tho I got a bit annoyed at some points in the movie when our heroes were face to face with the “monster” and didn’t do anything but glare instead of pewpewing the bastard.

It’s kind of hard determining if an male actor does a good job with the japanese language when it comes to acting as they sound the same whatever mood they are in… the only way you can separate the moodswings are by facial expressions. Still, I like japanese movies as they are creative when it comes to plots… I like movies with stories “outside the box” if ya know what I mean.

This movie clearly has a sequal in the way it ends and I really really wanna see it. The movie itself had some cool yet grotesque action scenes… a bit dry and repeatable at times, but still engaging enough to want you keep watching… also cute japanese girls helps too ^.^ It’s nice to follow the different relationships in this movie, it’s one of the reasons I have to see the sequel as I wanna know how it pans out.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

Blown Away (1994)

I’ve been wanting to see this movie now for quite a while… I guess I’ve become a bit more of a critic as I remember liking it even more, but it’s still å pretty good and entertaining movie. I’m still sitting here with a nauseous feeling after watching Jeff Bridges eat clamshells with spaghetti in the movie, urghhh, not really something I’d ever go for.

I actually didn’t remember Forest Whitaker being in this one so that was a nice surprise. Anyway, it’s all about Tommy Lee Jones in this movie, that dude can play bad guy and hero equally awesome and I have a tendency to cheer him on no matter the side he is on because of his high awesomeness factor. It’s something very thrilling and exciting about movies about bomb makers and their creative ways of scaring the living daylights out of the world ^.^ I haven’t seen many movies of this type in the late years, well…. I saw one that was good some months back, I just can’t remember the name at the moment (the downside of having a gold fish memory).

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

I think I liked this one an inch better the last time I watched… tho I think this time I must have watched some uncut or extended version as I couldn’t remember some of the scenes in the movie. I kind of love movies about snipers, assassins and hitmen and this isn’t all that bad but I prefer The Replacement killers, Assassins, Sniper and my personal favorite of all time Shooter over this one. Still haven’t seen the original of this one tho… As far as I know the original is an Asian movie but I haven’t read up much about it and don’t even know if I want to see it unless it has a complete different plot which I guess it don’t.

I personally like Nicholas Cage in action movies tho I doubt he’ll ever top The Rock (Kick Ass was awesome but I don’t count it as he has more of a cameo in that one, besides Hit girl was the cool character of that movie). Still, this is an entertaining movie… you can do way worse.

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..


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