In the world of movies we all can dream.

The Mechanic (1972)

I watched the re-make of this movie a few months back and I actually liked that one much better. It’s probably the first time I’ve seen a re-make before the original. That doesn’t affect my critique of this movie tho. I always liked Charles Bronson as an actor and it’s been quite a while since I watched a movie with him in it. I think the main reason for me not fancying this movie as much as the re-make is the horrible soundtrack with music that only gives you a headache. Typical 70s movie exciting type music with chaotic piano hammering… Horrid. The female escort at the start of the movie delievered the most horrible acting I’ve ever seen in a movie… luckily that was a short scene. All in all tho (besides soundtrack and a minor bad acting experience) I still find this movie enjoyable enough. Was never bored but my ears are still ringing from the horrible soundtrack.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

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