In the world of movies we all can dream.

The Protector (Tv-serie)

Ally Walker is finally back on the tv-screen where she belongs. I totally remember her from The Profiler (which after a closer look I noticed ran on NBC… no wonder it got cancelled) and I think she suits having her own cop type show as she’s already kind of believable as a cop due to past performance… at least I think she is. The Protector is a new tv-series that airs Sundays at the Lifetime channel.

Ally plays a single mother living together with her two sons and brother. The show focuses on both the crime scene and family scene and have hints of humor here and there… everything I love about crime shows. You already get the feel for different characters in the series in the first episode which is good. Actually, I already look forward to the next episode even tho there is no to be continued type ending on the pilot.

I don’t know the track record of series on the Lifetime channel so I wouldn’t have a clue what kind of longevity this show will have but I pray that this one lives longer than the profiler did as it already seems promising after one episode… and I love crime shows.

“I choose not to rate tv-series as my opinion of them changes all the time.”

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