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Knockout (2011)

Yet another low expectation movie which doesn’t even live up to the b-movie standard. I think I might have liked it if I watched it back in the 80’s but now it was just silly. Same story I’ve seen dusins of times, predictable with retarded villains that can’t fight for shit. Worlds most annoying mom and a ignorant principal that makes you shake your head. I think the only characters I liked in this movie was the step dad and girlfriend… it’s the only two that seemed believeable as a person in this movie. Fights are a joke and so is the movie. You might end up watching this one if there is nothing but shit on the Television… even then it’s a maybe.

..I rate this movie 2/10 stars..

Surveillance (2008)

Surprisingly predictable… I constantly knew the outcome and direction the story was going… still morbidly entertaining. One of the few Lynch movies that is watchable in my opinion (some might call me a blasphemer for that statement). I never actually liked any of the movies he had a hand in producing so I was surprised I found one that was fairly ok. I dunno but some movies feels like they never end… this one took a long way to get interesting, but when it first got interesting the time passed fast as it usually does when you enjoy something… but man this one had a dry start.

If I had to say something positive about this movie it would have to be Bill Pullman who is grand in this one. Julia Ormond isn’t to shabby either.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..


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