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Paprika (2006)

This is the weirdest animated movie I’ve ever seen, actually pretty sure the weirdest movie at all. I don’t really feel as impressed by the movie Inception after seeing this animated movie as Paprika clearly is where the idea of the movie Inception spawned. The thing is I was kind of impressed that someone could come up with something as inovative as the story in Inception. A dream within a dream within a dream… *giggles* and then to find an older animated movie with the same concept… well, I guess I kind of get a second impression of the movie of last year. Even tho Paprika was weird I found it strangely interesting… doubt I’ll ever see it again tho (same goes for inception).

This movie got weird fast but still kind of exciting… surprised that it got 7.7 on tho with over 13k votes. I guess people like strange behaviour and the unknown. Not among the best animated I’ve seen but I guess I’m glad to have watched it.

I read somewhere that someone said they didn’t see any similarity between Paprika and Inception… Sure the story isn’t the same, but the concept is… Learn the difference before commenting… Noobs. No Paprika, No Inception… I’m pretty sure that would be a factual statement.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..


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