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Suspect zero (2004)

The idea that there is a serial killer hunting serial killers kind of make me smile a little. I think it’s a brilliant plot really, wish there were more movies using that idea. Ben Kingsley is great in this movie, the character suits him… or is it the other way around ^.^ ? The psi ops part of the movie is the only thing that is out there for me… like psychics hunting killers. Oh well, it’s still an exciting movie with a cool plot… and Carrie-Anne Moss as an added bonus (been a fan of hers since the series Models InC… and then came Matrix … oh lord).

Orion :“There’s a rest stop next up, pull into it”

Soon to be Ex killer :“Why?”

Orion : “Because I wouldn’t wanna do this in 70 mph”

I love movies like this one, a bit morbid, good versus evil. In this one tho, I almost route for the “bad” guy. I would actually feel safer if I knew there were Dexterish people out there fighting evil with evil. My kind of movie indeed…

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

The Roommate (2011)

I guess the inovation pool among script writers has dried up these last decade. This is nothing more than a “re-make” of Single white female but with a more current touch to it… Don’t get me wrong, I like the high eyecandy factor but to be honest these days that doesn’t really matter much. It doesn’t come close to the original. What’s next ? A re-make of Cape Fear with Vin Diesel and The Rock ?? Oh well… I guess I’ve seen worse, but it’s nothing more than a timefiller for me.. won’t remember this over the weekend.

..I rate this movie 4/10 stars..


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