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Click (2006)

click_2006I’ve seen this once before but it’s been a while and the name Kate Beckinsale was just to inviting so I had to watch it again… Sure, I like Adam Sandler too on occations and this movie is one of those as well… but to be honest I was most happy about seeing Christopher Walken as he always make me smile no matter what character he plays. This movie has a pretty nifty cast from all venues actually, some I’d never picture in the same movies ever but it happens from time to time. A list meets B list meets D list or whatever… I like the result.

I personally think Tatum McCann (the daughter) has a big future in movies in years to come. She’s already got quite the resume at such a young age. Oh and Jonah Hill had like a 20 second cameo (and even got credited for it on… weird, i’ve seen people with much bigger parts in movies not get credited at all).

My favorite moment in the movies the the rain scene outside the hospital at the end (not to spoil anything more)… It really made some tears appear to put it mildly (I’m such an emotional fellow ey…). I also like the relationship he has to the bragging neighbour kid, makes me laugh throughout the movie. I kind of find it hard that any man would prioritize work over being married to a woman like Donna tho… just sayin’.

Director Frank Coraci did two other Sandler movies as well; The Wedding singer (1998) and Waterboy (1998). Tho out of his directed movies I’d say my favorite is Here Comes the Boom (2012).

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Return to me (2000)

Return to me 2000One of my top 3 all time favorite rom-coms and my favorite movie with David Duchovny. This is one of them rom-coms with the drama genre added to it. In fact I’m like one inch from bawling my eyes out through most of the movie either from sadness or from joy, the reason seem to change back and forth throughout the movie. I love the family chemistry, Bob and the dog chemistry, the Bob and Grace saga… everything about this movie is just perfect.. with one exception, being on the phone whilest driving… now that makes me go grrrr…

I love love love Minnie Driver in this movie, in fact she kind of sets the bar and standard for women in my mind in this one. I’ve never found my Grace but I sure as hell would love her to be as charming and sweet if I ever did (hopefully under different circumstances). Robert Loggia and the rest of the old timers in this movie are freakin’ delightful. I also like Bonnie Hunt‘s character Megan and her husband Joe (James Belushi). This was actually Bonnie’s first movie as a director and it kind of makes me want to check out her televisionshow Life with Bonnie (2002-2004) and The Bonnie Hunt Show (1995-1996, 2008-2010) just to check if I missed something good ’cause I sure love this movie.

Return to me has a great soundtrack, a great cast, a great story and the maximum potential for rewatchability. I cry everytime I watch it so I’ll always watch it alone… but I’d surely watch it again if I find the time, ’cause I love it (just can’t state that enough).

..I rate this movie 9/10 stars..

The Truth about cats and dogs (1996)

Truth_about_cats_and_dogs_1996It’s actually on my top 10 all time favorite rom-coms this… been some years since I took the time to watch it again, I guess I haven’t really been in the romantic state of mind so I haven’t felt like watching it but I sorta miss Janeane Garofalo and her hauntingly gorgeous eyes staring at me from the screen back in the days she played the more innocent dreaming characters and not like today’s “I’ll crush you if you look in my direction characters” (that being said, I’ll always be a fan of hers as she’s an awesome actress and I love any version of her showing up on my screen).

Then there is the always ravishing Uma Thurman, one could never complain about any movie with her in the cast. That being said, I’m more attracted to Janeane’s character in this one :) This movie actually makes me wanna have a dog (then i get to my senses and remember that I’m not allowed to where i live). Hank the dog was charming, kind of reminded me of this African Ridgeback I knew back in the day (not sure if that’s what he is tho). Anyway, I’ve always liked movies where the main character is a radio DJ of sorts, they always have such exciting plots and stories… I dunno, might be just me but there’s just something about the way stories builds up around radio events and such. Like in Sleepless in Seattle (1993) or Bye bye love (1995) to mention two.

Director Michael Lehmann has done some pretty cool movies in the past; Heathers (1988), Hudson Hawk (1991) and Airheads (1994). He’s also worked on a lot of tv-series, like; True Blood, Californication and the new series Tyrant.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Knowing (2009)


Now, let me ask you a question. If you knew a devestating event causing many death would occur at a certain location at a given day, would you go there to try stop it ? Ney ney… that’s stupid. If an event is profesized to happen it will happen either way won’t it ? They knew something was going down at 9/11 before it happened, at least that’s what every documentary I’ve seen about the event says… and I tend to believe it. So, no if something is predetermined I’d do the smart thing and stay as far away from the location as possible… Besides if you ever knew a plane was going down or a train run off it’s tracks you’d either end up in a mental institution or jail if you tried to help stop it… just sayin’ … and there I go digressing again.

Knowing is the last good movie with Nicolas Cage in the lead role, tho it’s starting to get better again with his last movies. I like the story of this one and the effects are pretty cool as well. Hell, I even like the classical piece (Beethoven Symphony No 7 in A Major) that plays about twice in the movie. The plan crash scene is intense and it’s what I always remember about this movie. I’ve only seen it once before so it was about time to revisit the flick I think… it’s been shining in the queue on Netflix for quite some time.

Director Alex Proyas previously did movies like The Crow (1994), Dark City (1998) and I, Robot (2004) so there’s some quality entertainment coming from that man. Right now he’s working on Gods of Egypt which is predicted to finish in 2016 (which seems to be a huge movie year by the way).

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Blackfish (2013)


I used to dream about going to SeaWorld when I was in my early teens because I kept seeing the place in movies I watched. I didn’t know any better I guess… Personally I steer clare of oceans, deep water or whatever ’cause of phobia mixed with logic. Orcas seem more intelligent than humans so I cross my fingers that in time no trainers want to work there which makes the leadership having to do the job themselves and Karma ensues.

Some of the people in this documentary made me shake my head in disgust (and it’s not the previous trainers that came to their senses). If you want to watch whales, go on a whale safari out in the wild… if you want to take your kids on a family vacation, go to Yellowstone, Disneyland or Grand Canyon… or do something multicultural like visit another country.

Blackfish is a good documentary to get your thoughts flowing… it sure made me angry (I could never watch The Cove, I’d probably turn murderous and naucious at the same time). I never watch documentaries more than once so I guess for me rewatchability is at zero (and on top of that I try to steer clear of subjects that makes me annoyed, angry or hateful so once is enough…).

On the almost positive side I’d love one of them fluffy Orcas if it weren’t for the fact SeaWorld makes money on’em. It’s good to see this movie was added to Netflix as it should raise awareness to a much wider audience. Movies like this needs it. (For the record I’ve seeen many comments for the other side of this movie as well and I’d state that even remotely defending SeaWorld by saying the whales are rescued animals or that they are non profit makes the white of my eyes show and nostrils flare as I was standing in the middle of a dusin subwoofers).

I guess most documentaries is a he said she said type thing. One should get both sides of the story before commenting at all. I don’t get why SeaWorld didn’t comment in the movie but here is what they have to say about the subject. Blackfish is provoking sure and personally I don’t want to be a hippocrit and say animals shouldn’t live in captivity as I eat beef (and there is cows, pigs, sheep and so on… but that’s food… entertainment is a whole other story in my opinion). FFS, get a gold fish if you want to see a fish in a bowl or hey even better buy a 250″ tv screen with a artificial aquarium.

What side am I on ? I’m with the producers of this movie… that’s my choice, you wouldn’t be happy either if you had to stay in a 6 by 8 feet cell the rest of your life (if you didn’t mind I would like to think prisons wouldn’t be a scary punishment for lawbreaking).

The movie is directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite who’s worked on documentaries like Shootout! (2005-2006), Animal Nightmares (2003) and City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story (2010).

..I rate this documentary 8/10 stars..

Need for Speed (2014)


I’ve been waiting quite a bit to see this movie as I love car movies… yet, I keep getting f’in pissed when I look at the driving. I despise speed demons in real like as they have no regard for other peoples lifes and I wouldn’t mind if instead of getting a fine they got locked up for the maximum penalty as they are all fucking sociopaths. That set aside, I still love the entertainment value it gives movies… I’m such a hippocrite right ? Everything is ok as long as it’s a movie so should we glorify being a speed cunt ?

Don’t worry I’m not a filminist (the feminist of film?) I just kinda feel bad after enjoying total mayhem on the screen at times. After all, I suffer intense traffic anxiety so should I even watch this ? I guess I just love car games, movies and everything as long as it’s fiction. Need for speed is quite entertaining but with humor and lots of action. I always smile when I see Rami Malek on my screen, such a charming fellow that dude. Liked him since I first saw him in The Pacific (2010).

I can’t remember ever seeing Imogen Poots (Julia) in anything before but I know she’s been. I guess her name got on my radar after this. There’s just something about chicks talking with a brit accent that gets to me :) I’ve always liked Aaron Paul, the protagonist, I’ve got nothing more to say about that. Guess I should start watching Breaking Bad at some point.

The director Scott Waugh previously did Act of Valor (2012) which was one of my favorite movies that year. The more interesting part is that he worked as a stunt double before getting into directing which isn’t something one see often… if ever. You should check out his credits, he’s been working with stunts in so many good movies too :) Anyway,

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Dark Power (2013)

darkpowerEvery now and then you come across a movie that is beyond crappy. I mean, the story makes movies like Sharknado and twoheaded shark attack look like A-list movies. Even tho this movie has a decent cast (which is the main reason I decided to watch it anyway) it doesn’t help as the plot and story is totally crap. The ending of the movie makes me long for those old time hong kong movies where noone survives in the end… cause this movie is so bad I could have sworn my earinfection took a break just to get away from the screen. Bad bad baaaaad ! Unless you wanna have that feeling of tearing your hair out after wasting 90 minutes on it I’d recommend you to steer clear of this one. I’d even consider giving it a zero but since Kristanna Loken is in it I’ll give it that one star, cause at least there’s that.

..I rate this movie 1/10 stars..


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