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Turbo (2013)


In the mood for some speed ? Why not check out this animated movie with snails as the protagonists \(o.o)/ and it was actually quite charming with lots of familiar voices (The most recognizable being Snoop Dogg, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Giamatti and Luis Guzmán). I bet Samuel enjoyed putting snail on his resume *giggles*. I recognized Paul in when he did the wake up speech after the lawnmover incident. Other voices you might recognize is Ryan Reynolds (Turbo) and Michelle Rodriguez (Paz), I didn’t tho.

The snail characters is so cool with their pimped up shells (I’m still laughing about the one with the mustache). They managed to make a good childrens movie with bullys, karma, morale and humor. A movie I easily could watch again at some point. Sure, it’s predictable but most movies are. It even has a cool catchy tune…

This is the first “full movie” directed by David Soren. He previously did some Madagaskar shorts. He’s also done some voice acting in movies like Madagaskar 2, Shark Tale and Neighbours from hell.

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..



I’ve seen this once before and it’s been so long I actually completely forgot how it ended which turned out splendid for me ’cause it made me laugh… like most of the movie. The Riverdance scene is just hillariously awesome and it even made me wanna check out those old riverdance videoes I had before (so I’ll be looking for those after writing this review). The hitman scene equally hillarious (I don’t really feel like that’s much of a spoiler as most people that had a tendant like that would have done it much sooner). Duplex is basically the same type of humor as the Home alone movies so if you liked those you might wanna check this one out.

Eileen Essell is good in this one (I can’t say I remember her in anything else)… there’s just something loveable about an elderly irish woman with more lifes than a cat that has an appetite for bingewatching Hawaii Five-O, Loveboat and Riverdance… tho I sure am glad I don’t live with one. I’ve always liked James Remar (the porn producer/hitman) even tho in small cameos so I look at it as a bonus when he shows up. Duplex is one of the top shelf, good comedies with Ben Stiller that’s not like annoyingly over the top but actually funny (much like Tropical Thunder and There’s something like Mary). I haven’t seen Drew Barrymore much lately but I do like her, especially in this one.

I was surprised to find that this was directed by Danny DeVito (yeah, I know he directs). He’s also directed movies like Death to Smoochy (2002), Matilda (1996), Hoffa (1992) and The War of the Roses (1989). To me tho he’ll always be the Pinguin in Batman returns or Arnold’s Twin.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Rage and Honor 2 (1993)

Rage and Honor 2

Been a while since I watched a movie with Cynthia Rothrock so when this thing showed up on Netflix (never seen a Rothrock movie there before) I didn’t hesitate in my choice of movie. I think I can say: As usual she’s accompanied by the awesome Richard Norton ’cause he tend to show up in a lot of her movies. I like him too… less time since I saw him tho. He was in an episode of the last season of Spartacus. Now Patrick Muldoon however, I did not expect in a movie like this. I don’t think fighter when I hear the name so I was a bit baffled when I saw his face in the start of the movie.

It feels kind of weird watching movies I treasured back in the late 80s early 90s today. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every movie with Cynthia up to this and I had most of’em on VHS like a borderline hardcore fan. Even did martial arts myself at that time… Now however it’s just not the same. I find martial arts interesting still but I’m not the type anymore. Still enjoyed the movie tho… some cool clothes and hairdues back in those days *giggles*… I’d love to see Cynthia in a big production movie before she retires from the movie industry… she’s still young. Rage and Honor 2 is far from her best film when it comes to fighting but as entertainment go you could do way worse.

Director Guy Norris hasn’t done much directing but he sure has a lot of stunt work over the years. At the moment he’s working as an assisting stunt coordinator on the new Mad Max movie. He’s previously worked on movies like Superman Returns, Moulin Rouge and Stealth.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

Sorry for the polish trailer, it’s the only one I could find…


Zombieland (2009)


I felt like some fun with Zombies so I ended up watching this again. Zombieland is definitely within the top 5 Zombieflicks made when it comes to fun (not really all that horrific in a horror sense). It makes me long for twinkies (never actually tasted it but it sure sounds gooood) and makes me wanna see more movies with Emma Stone who’s pretty awesome. This movie has a pretty nifty cast, it’s definitely one of my favorites with Woody Harrelson (sure, he has many goodies but in this one he’s just so danged cool). Can’t say I remember seeing Abigail Breslin in anything bad, such a likeable actress. Why is it that I keep mixing up Jesse Eisenberg with Michael Cera… I was about to say my favorite was Scott Pilgrim but I guess this got upgraded to favorite Eisenberg flick as well (with The Social network as a close 2nd).

Zombieland is pretty much awesome from start to finish, tho when it goes into the sequence with the park it glides from awesome into epic… A very funny movie (would have loved to see even more kills of the week, the piano one cracked me up). This is the fast Zombie type movie (they run’n climb’n shit… hell, they even eat you while taking one…).

Some neat cameos by Bill Murray and Amber Heard. The movie is directed by Ruben Fleischer who did Gangster Squad (2013). Never got around to watch it tho… I’m not all that into Dick Tracy type shit with the 50’s type of gangsters (only exception to that would be The Untouchables and nothing touches that from that era).

..I rate this movie 8/10 stars..

Dave (1993)

daveBeen some years since I watched this last and also quite a few years since Kevin Kline showed up on my screen. I really like movies about presidents that are fictional (I never really liked any of the true ones besides Oliver Stone’s JFK). Dave is a nice romantic comedy where karma prevails and it even has some neat characters like Duane (Ving Rhames) the seccret service agent, Bob (Frank Langella) the evil staff employee and Murray (Charles Grodin) who never can say no to new temps.

I really really like Sigourney Weaver in this (First lady). She’s what I’d call hot, charming (well, not at first but that’s understandable), and kinda cute in this one. Some small cameos by Laura Linney (the mistress) and Bonnie Hunt (white house tour guide) as well.

Movie is directed by one of my all time favorites, Ivan Reitman (I watched Draft day not long ago). He also seem to be working on a movie called Triplets right now which has me curious.


..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

A Good Man (2014)

0064_Orca_DVD_sleeve.inddBeen a while since I watched a movie with Steven Seagal so I thought I’d give his new movie, A good man, a chance… tho I’ve come to expect a movie with the eastern europe atmosphere as the old 90’s heroes seem to have moved there the last decade (I guess it’s cheaper to produce movies there)… but does that mean that every movie has to be so mediocre… less than even…

They managed to get Tzi Ma play the villain in this one. Not a person I’d think of in a movie like this so that was kind of cool actually. The story is sorta, look at me I’m badass and I’ll kick your ass in a flash type of thing going… Some cool fight sequences that’s true but other than that or the fact you’re a Seagal fan I wouldn’t really rush to see this one. I’m still living in the hope of seeing more movies like Exit Wounds or Half past dead… I don’t think I’ll ever get the pleasure of another quality movie from Mr. Seagal… tho I’ll still be hoping for it.

Another familiar face in this is Victor Webster (Mutant X, Continuum). He gets to kick some butt in this one. I can’t say I remember much from Mutant X other than I liked it (blame it on V.Pratt)… He’s a decent cast dude… but overall I’m not all that impressed with the script and characters in this movie. If it weren’t for some action I’d be sleeping before getting half way into the movie.

Director Keoni Waxman has done a lot of movies with Seagal lately, and the series True Justice (which I never bothered watching beyond the pilot… guess I’m a lousy fan or have a limit when it comes to bad entertainment… same thing I guess).

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..

Transcendence (2014)


Actually been looking forward to this flick as it’s been a while since I watched a movie in the drama sci-fi genre (usually it’s action). The movie has a pretty nifty cast and awesome effects. I liked seeing Kate Mara again as I felt robbed of her in House of Cards’s 2nd season. I also enjoyed the thought provoking story of the movie. Personally I think as long as an AI is programmed by mankind it will always be flawed as we humans tend to corrupt our creations either we want to or not, it’s just who we are. I bet most people where routing for the Hacker/goverment side of this story (see, there I go being judgemental again as I have no faith in humans logic and reasoning skills in the rest the the world (which to me is everyone outside my 4 walls)). I knew I’d end up digressing while writing this review as I can see the for and againt sides of this tech from previous movies made. It’s SkyNet (Terminator) all over again right ? I don’t think so but at the same time what would happen to overpopulation and such if we had the tech to heal every sick person, revive every dead even tho we also had the tech to repair earth and have tech to replenish food… then again we’d probably also have the tech to leave earth so basically maybe there would be more plus sides than not… then again, Humans, tech – want – war – greed – death – stupid. Maybe we’re better off living in the stone age.

Oh my, I’d be digressing for ages if I don’t stop myself. I have to watch a movie when it’s sci-fi and it also help seeing Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman on the cast list. That being said I’ve actually grown fond of Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany and Clifton Collins Jr. over the years as well so it’s an added bonus seeing all these men in this flick.

Since this is a drama and all I’d usually put it on the no rewatchable list but like most movies in the drama sci-fi genre, this movie don’t apply to that fact. It has a great story, it made me smile on more than one occation (Imagining being rich for the first time and buying a whole town… such possibilities… my own bunker)… and again, the effects, the cast… cool stuff.

This is the first movie Wally Pfister directed but he’s worked with cinematography on movies like Inception (2010), The Batman Trilogy, The Prestige (2006) and Memento (2000). A very respectful resume the fellow has, I’d watch more movies directed by him in the future.

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..


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