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Category 7: The end of the World (2005)


So, I can’t watch one without the other so today I went for Category 7. It’s not as good as the first but this one has something the other one doesn’t… Gina Gershon and Shannen Doherty. Love those two girls… Likeable characters too. That being said, this movie sequel has a lot more annoying characters and not enough karma. The biggest douche of the movie survived and got almost a happy ending even (like i’m gonna forgive him because he hurt his leg….right).

Of course since the movie went with a end of the world theme they had to add a religious element to the movie. What a waste of movie time that was… tho seeing James Brolin as a preaching fellow for a megachurch was kind of a goof. The throw in the gorgeous Lindy Booth playing an annoyingly stupid reporter with a big heart and poof you get the only reason you could forgive the storyline. I guess they felt the reporter of this movie needed another kind of focus point so it didn’t feel to similar to the previous flick… personally I’d go for the similar over this but hey that’s me…

The only thing the two movies have in common really is the mention of Chicago and Randy Quaid. I love that Randy is back in this and teamed up with Shannen. It’s actually the thing I like the most about this movie besides the storm and tornado visuals. Now I’ve read a lot of crap getting thrown at these two movies from people picking it apart cause of facts and yada yadas.. it must be boring being a person finding flaws in movies like that instead of just enjoying it. I’m sure you can nitpick any movie ever made… i don’t really chose to do so… well, i can complain about the cuntiness of characters but that’s movie related ain’t it ? See, there I go digressing yet again… I love disaster movies, i get annoyed when people talk smack about them. Sure, this are far from a perferct movie but it’s the 2nd or 3rd time I watch it and i enjoy it every time. Same director as the previous movie, Dick Lowry.

..I rate this movie 5/10 stars..


Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004)


You know how I feel about disaster movies by now If you’ve read my blog for a while… This is one of my favorite in the tv-movie genre (and I love that there is three of these, Cat 6, 7 and 8). The effects is actually not all that bad either… in fact it’s way above average for a movie like this. I’m sure the americans has tons of video reels from tornado and hurrican ridden towns they can use which makes it a bit more believeable than the uber low budget movies where it looks more like the aftermath of a 5 year old’s birthday party than a storm. Not this one tho…

I also like that most of the annoying characters (the ones I find annoying, and it’s a lot as I seem to hate people in general) meets karma in this movie. My favorite characters in the movie is Tornado Tommy (Randy Quaid) and Andy (Brian Dennehy). There’s also a few other familiar faces.. like Dianne Wiest and Thomas Gibson.

If I remember correctly this movie continues into Category 7 which I have queued for later… These two are movies I watch every leap year while waiting for even more disaster movies to queue up in my favorite genre… so yes, to me these bad boys score high on rewatchability.

Director Dick Lowry has directed tons of tv-movies. Among those the sequel to this (Category 7) and The Gambler II (1983), Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 (1983) and Attila (2001).

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..

Forrest Gump (1994)


I don’t think there is a better constructed movie ever made than this. I like all those small subtle incidents taken from real life events up throughout the movie, they always make me smile… and I still wonder how they manage to make it look like Lt. Dan (Gary Sinise) has no legs. Oh, the wonders of movie technology.

Forrest Gump has undoubtedly one of the best movie soundtracks in the history of soundtracks. I remember buying the CD after watching the movie back when it came out. It was a must have… This movie isn’t haha funny but you sure can’t help but smile every other 5 minute ’cause a more likeable character is hard to find. Tom Hanks is great in this one…

Normally a movie builds up toward one moment of bawling your eyes out with tears.. this one however seem to get one moment, then another and another and another in the last 20 minutes of the movie starting with the point where he realize he’s a dad and at the same time worrying about if he’s like him… Now there’s a feeling I can relate to as I’d never want kids because I am how I am… after that it’s the wedding, lt.Dan’s new legs, another death, the speech at the grave… man it never stopped coming…

I always had this vision of someday find someone like Jenny ( Robin Wright) myself one day… I kind of did too so it’s sorta easy to relate to their relationship… the difference being them ending up together whilest I still long for it tho know it’s never gonna happend as 1.) she found her mate and even if the case was that wouldn’t last 2.) I’m not a person one wants to hang around for more than an hour… anyway, my point being I think of her often and can relate to Forrest’s feeling… and there I go digressing again. Movies, they are my world and for this I am thankful. Forrest Gump is one of the better ones and I could watch it every leap year.

Director, Robert Zemeckis, previously did the Back to the future trilogy (liked that one). He also did Death becomes her (1992), Contact (1997), Cast Away (2000) and Beowulf (2007). Quite an impressive resume of movies this fellow has…

..I rate this movie 10/10 stars..

Love Punch (2013)

The Love Punch

Seeing Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson on the cover was enough for me to get my interest peaked (if they were to wear wigs from the 18 or 1700, sure it’d have the opposite effect but it didn’t so…)… besides a romantic comedy with an older generation tends to be more delightful and charming so who was I to say no.

I also loved Jerry (Timothy Spall) with his comments of the past adventures and his wife Penelope (Celia Imrie). Charming couple that makes me wish at some point I’d have neighbours like that in my life (I haven’t known a neighbour in about 2 decades and never like this). Also the incidents with the son’s roommate was hillarious…

I’d watch this again at some point actually… It was short and nice (84 minutes) which is a rare quality in movies these days. The movie is directed by Joel Hopkins whome also did Last Chance Harvey (2008) which is basically the same genre (and I liked that one as well).

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Winter’s Tale (2014)


I keep wishing for something new when I watch a movie and I got just what I wished for with this pearl of a movie. Might not be the best movie I’ve seen but it managed to give me goosebumps and teary eyes at points which is good. To feel… A different fantasy movie with miracles and good versus evil.

It took me a while to get into the setting but the story sure pulled me in fast. Sure, at points it kinda felt a bit slow but at that point I was so intrigued that I just couldn’t stop watching. A pretty impressive cast in this movie with Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, William Hurt, Graham Greene, Will Smith and my personal favorite Jennifer Connelly.

Might not be a movie you’d watch every year but surely at some point I would end up watching it again if life permits it. It’s the first movie Akiva Goldsman directed but he’s worked as producer on movies like Lost in Space (1998), Deep Blue Sea (1999), Mindhunters (2004), Constantine (2004) and Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). Hell, that’s just a tincy bit of awesomeness on his resume (check it out). Looking forward to I am Legend 2…

..I rate this movie 7/10 stars..

Big Ass Spider (2013)


I remember seeing the trailer of this and that I went ballisticly excited about it. I pre-ordered the movie 3 seconds later and it took me till now to watch it… why why why ? I guess I have to be in the right state of mind to watch spider movies as they creep the hell out of me…

Let me start by saying move on over Arachnophobia and Eight legged freaks… there’s a new king or legend even in the spider genre. Please Mike Mendez (director) make a sequel already… ! I expected this to be a low budget movie with a few laughs on the same level as Sharknado and other syfy original movies. I was wrong, this has surpassed anything I expected and level, forget level. This is an instant classic.

The two protagonists Alex (Greg Grunberg) and Jose (Lombardo Boyar) both had the most likeable characters I’ve ever seen them play. Definitely my favorite production with Greg (and I liked him a lot in Alias). They’re definitely the Batman and Robin of monster/critter movies to me now. I was laughing out of fear, humor and over the top killing scenes. I honestly haven’t had this much fun watching a horror sci-fi flick in ages.

Big Ass Spider might have taken me a while to watch but in the end it ended up being one of my favorite movies of 2014 and I’m so glad to have it in my Blu-ray collection. Hell, I’m pretty sure that spider living somewhere in my living room took a break from creeping me out to watch it as well (found myself looking over my shoulder one time to many during the scary scenes). This movie is a must see. 10/10 Hillariousness 10/10 Creature creation 10/10 Character likeability 10/10 Creepyness 10/10 Awesomsauce 10/10 Neckhair standing up… I could go on and on…

I talk a lot about rating tacky low budget movies with a low score… well, meet the movie they should strive to be like ’cause this one sure meets all qualifications of the perfect 10 in my eyes. This is without a doubt my favorite movie of 2014 so far :)

Director Mike Mendez has previously done movies like The Gravedancers (2006), The Convent (2000) and Bimbo Movie Bash (1997). He’s currently working on The Devil’s Convent. I sure hope he makes more like this one tho…

..I rate this movie 10/10 stars..

Threesome (1994)

threesome1994When I think about it I seem to remember I liked this movie at some point in my life. I don’t know why tho as all three characters are obnoxious in their behaviour and I wouldn’t be able to stay in the same room with them for more than 5 minutes tops… Nothing to do with the sex part of the conversation or movie, it’s the characters behaviour overall.

The reason I used to like the movie way back when was most likely Lara Flynn Boyle as was a fan. Lately tho I haven’t seen her in anything so that fandom has sorta faded out (I’m not the kind of guy that tracks down every movie by a person, I appreactiate seeing their name on a movie I already decided to watch. I’ll never be a die hard fan going to events to see someone I cherish on my screen. I don’t like the outside world). Oh, there I go digressing again…

Then there was Stephen Baldwin, my favorite Baldwin brother up to the point the series Chuck started. I’ve always liked him cause he’s always gotten the more qwirky likeable characters (exception this movie I guess tho he’s still kinda funny even here). I never really took much notice of Josh Charles in any movie, but one could say I now know him better from being a regualr on The Good Wife.

I probably watched Threesome a few times back when it came out as it was still the VHS age (4 more years before DVD came and took over). It’s one of the many movies I owned on VHS and it was watched quite a few times as we had less of a selection back then. Now you don’t need your local videoclerk to find movies anymore, you can turn on your computer and selection is endless which makes for less time watching the movie over and over… and there I go again digressing. My point is, even tho I didn’t like it now.. I’ve seen it quite a few times  about 2 decades ago. So yeah, I guess the rewatchability is there…

Now, where did I see the name Andrew Fleming (director) before. Ah yeah, he did The Craft (1996), awesome flick. He also did The In-Laws (2003) which I watched not long ago.

..I rate this movie 6/10 stars..


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